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Eat natural food to take healthy route

Human body needs weak base. What is weak base? Vegetable, fruit. Always developed country, always healthy country is vegetable, fruit is used up the biggest. Quiet day, have 13 czars, treat 19 years old to die together, suitable treat 23 years old, xian Feng 31, smooth mood 38, but a Qianlong lived 89 years old, he is special meeting health care, he is champion in the emperor. We examined his record, the first, he is particularly good motion, the 2nd he eats evaporate steamed sponge cake, grain of degree of finish is tie-in, good travel of the 3rd this person, the famousest is Changjiang Delta 3, so he lived 89 years old. We investigated 818 bonze, the bonze of 30% above has 90 years old of above, a the smallest 65 years old.
Asian pyramid is best. What calls pyramid? Corn, legume, dish kind. I very admire Mcdonald's, the family is taken away one year we 20 many 100 million, why to call it rubbish food, because it is a kind of extreme food,be, do not accord with our food to be used to.
“ cereal ” , the family does not carry rice, flour on international conference, also do not carry Mcdonald's. In corn the first those who carry is old corn, saying is ” of “ gold crop. The antecedents of old corn, american medicine can make a reconnaissance survey, discover primitive American, Indian does not have a hypertension, do not have an arteriosclerosis. Eat old corn so. Discovery often contains alcohol of many lecithin, linoleic acid, grain, VE in corn later, do not produce hypertension and arteriosclerosis so. Evermore, the United States changed, the Guangzhou of America, Africa, Europe, Japan, Hong Kong, China, eat corn a thick soup in the morning. Do a lot of people eat lecithin to work now? Hope not to get arteriosclerosis namely. But he does not know to be contained at most in old corn, need not floriferous money. I this year many years old 70, physical strength is abundant, bouncy, sonorous, bottom enrages organ dye-in-the-wood, and there is furrow on the face. What reason? Drink samp.
Of “ cereal ” the 2nd it is buckwheat. Why to carry buckwheat? Now person “ 3 tall ” , namely fat of hypertensive, tall blood, tall blood sugar. Buckwheat is “ 3 fall ” , it falls blood pressure, fall hematic fat, fall blood sugar. The cellulose of 18% is contained in buckwheat, the person that has buckwheat does not get cancer of gastric bowel path, rectum cancer, colonic cancer is not gotten. We sit the person of the office, go to the bad has 20% is rectum cancer, colonic cancer.
Of “ cereal ” the 3rd it is potato kind, sweet potato, yam, yam, potato. This kind of thing offers on international conference. Why? So its “ 3 absorb ” to draw water share, absorb adipose, saccharide, absorb toxin. Draw water share, lubricant bowel, do not get rectum cancer, colonic cancer. Absorb adipose, saccharide, must not diabetic. Absorb toxin, do not produce inflammation of gastric bowel path.
Still have inside “ cereal ” oaten, abroad is early know, a lot of people of Chinese do not know. You if blood pressure is high, must eat oaten, oatmeal, oatmeal. It can fall hematic fat, fall blood pressure. Can fall glycerine 3 fat, make your hematic fat falls.
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