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Prevent flu: Copper of vitamin C +
Take vitamin C after all whether precautionary flu, the key depends on the copper that whether there is full amount inside human body. Accordingly, when flu be current, besides the vitamin C that should take certain amount, still need to eat some of coppery food more, wait like animal liver, sesame seed, legume.

Prevent be short of calcium: Fish of bean curd +

Bean curd boils a fish, taste not only delicious, and can prevent osteoporosis, children rachitic wait for the phenomenon that be short of calcium. Because bean curd contains a large number of calcic elements, if eat bean curd only, human body will be very small to calcic absorptivity, but eat together with the cruelly oppress that contains a lot ofvitamin D, the absorption that can increase calcium greatly greatly and use.

Prevent pneumonic: Selenium of vitamin A +

According to clinical report, have fight oxidation and adjust the vitamin A of immune action and selenium element, can make children spares pneumonic calamity. Already sufferred from pneumonic children to absorb these two kinds of nutriment more, also can alleviate illness, accelerate rehabilitation. Prevent heart disease: Malic + tea

Holand medicine investigator thinks, apple, onion, tea can reduce the incidence of a disease of heart disease. Because a large number of yellow ketone are contained in these food natural and chemical antioxidant. Every insists to drink tea everyday the dangerous sex that the man of 4 cups of above dies at heart disease can decrease 45% , the person that eat an apple above reduces an in part.

Prevent apoplectic: Spinach + carrot

The United States studies the report is announced, eat the spinach of certain amount and carrot everyday, can reduce apoplectic risk apparently. This report shows, the lady that has a spinach everyday compares the person that a month eats, apoplectic danger was reduced 53% ; The person that eat a carrot everyday compares the person that do not eat low 68% . Carotene of β of this main profit from, it can be changed into vitamin A, prevent cholesterol to accumulate a knot on hemal wall, maintain cerebral blood-vessel expedite, prevent thereby apoplectic.

Prevent cancer of the stomach: Selenium of folic acid + is yeasty

British medicine expert announces recently, folic acid and selenium yeast all have the effect that prevents cancer of the stomach. Kidney of liver of stay of proceedings of a variety of greenery vegetable, bacterium, animal, it is the ” of “ rich ore of folic acid and selenium element, might as well eat more.

Prevent alvine cancer: Red wine of cereal + vegetable +

A of American cancer institute extensive investigation discovers, like to have the person of of all kinds food grains other than wheat and rice, fresh vegetable right amount and drinkable claret, the possibility that its bowel cancer produces is reduced apparently. Because aspirin part is contained in claret, reason conduces to reduce the odds that contracts cancer.
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