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The supplement that lets cate and beautiful wine is harmonious
Be in as bishop of home gradually popular, people begins to notice the collocation that bishop and dish taste. Speak of “ tie-in ” , a “ takes ” word, express to combine; A “ matchs ” word, express harmony. It is easy that “ builds ” , whether well photograph “ matchs ” to need to fumble with experience. Resemble marriage a bit, one party is too outstanding the sense that often gives a person is not harmonious, only harmonious ability is perfect.

Bishop and alimental collocation do not have infallible law, have a few experience that give through trying to fumble only, can offer consumer reference. The following respects note when consumer is considering food alcoholic drink to match:

   1, taste Our taste can be experienced acerbity, sweet, suffering, hot, salty wait for 5 kinds of basic feelings. And these a few kinds of feelings can affect each other again: Salty meeting reinforces bitter perception; Ground of acerbity can short time is masked acrid, strengthened sweet taste again; Sweet taste can reduce pair of salty, suffering, sour feeling; Acrid can reduce acidity. If bake bacon,claret meets the Boerduo with tie-in rich tannin sensory suffering can'ts bear character.

   2, colour and lustre Claret distributes red meat kind food, white wine distributes seafood and plain boiled pork kind food. This is traditional tie-in principle. The Chan Ning in claret is helpful for digesting, can solve fat. Although a few fish (if contain a lot ofthe salmon of grease or tuna) can match with delicate claret good, but if consumer tries to use Boerduo when the collocation such as claret and most and fresh fish, clam, unripe oyster, squid, the Channinghui of high content plays havoc with the taste of seafood. The Channinghui of high content makes fresh and tender cruelly oppress becomes coarse, make clam, unripe oyster, squid become very raw meat or fish. Bishop can find rebarbative metallic flavor even in the mouth. The taste of a few white wine also can be masked by beef or hotpot place, but they and seafood or chicken (plain boiled pork kind) the little taste that dish often can promote to taste when collocation.

   3, taste Take delicate course, will match with delicate bishop. The dish of taste dense, can use likewise rich and generous will match with full-bodied bishop. Steam a fish to be able to match with the delicate dry white wine that the division produces between two seas for instance, but taste is opposite grouper of more grumous Chi juice evaporate is OK and datival pull a husband to produce an area to pass oak barrel the dry white wine with the richer mouthfeel of old wine is tie-in. Be in as to braise in soy sauce or dry carbonado can match more delicate Boerduo claret.

Nevertheless consumer is when specific collocation can need not abide by one by one, no less than is in at any time place of suzerain of place of business of wine of the Hourtin-Ducasse on media late banquet Mr Michel Marengo says optional Boerduo: “ why not? ” , he thinks bishop and alimental collocation should be bold attempt, often can have different gustatory experience.
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