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Eat natural food to take healthy route

If shrimp came,I have two shrimp, than you the albumen of skinful beef wants these two much. The fish gains ground easily, a hour can absorb cruelly oppress albumen, absorptivity is 100% , and beef albumen just is absorbed 3 hours. The fish is right old people especially body weakling is particularly appropriate. Of course shrimp is more not bad than the fish. Should have small fish, shrimp particularly, should have complete fish particularly (even fillet end) , because have active material, and active material is mixed in the head of small fish, shrimp abdomen. Should buy buy small fish shrimp, and have complete fish complete shrimp, eat a thing to want to master a quantity, not be more better.
Should eat 7 into full, do not get gastric disease all one's life, eat 8 into full most, if eat 10 into full, that 2 into did not use, it is trash. 0.618 gold break up non-staple food 6 staple food 4; Coarse food grain 6 flour and rice 4; Plant 6 animals 4.
Algal, and it is helical, helix alga is called since. 1 gram is equal to 1000 grams of all sorts of vegetable integrated. Only champion of imperial empress, Olympic eats at that time, people has to be not worn. And it is basic provision. I tell everybody, why is Japan macrobian world champion, they use up alga of 500 tons of helix one year, alga of 8 grams helix can maintain life 40 days. Present aerospace food, did not take flat bread of steamed stuffed bun, all is helix alga. To a few disease it is particularly important, the first it is disease of heart head blood-vessel, it can fall blood pressure, fall hematic fat; The 2nd it is diabetic, this disease is to lack albumen, vitamin, cure very hard, helix aquatic plants can be additional vitamin, and the biggest advantage of helix alga is to make diabetic person does not get amalgamative disease, can follow normal person food same. Diabetic person lacks energy, cannot take candy again, helix alga is dry candy, there is energy after absorbing dry candy. Diabetic person blood sugar is not stable, with helix alga hind can stop drug gradually, stop helix alga gradually next, take dietary control finally. The 3rd it is gastritis, gastric ulcer, helix alga has chlorophyll, have to gastric mucous membrane restore function. The 4th it is hepatitis, appeal every family wants to notice, had better distribute food. Attention, a lot of people are healthy it seems that, you do not look to give him is carrier. Helix alga can make virus not duplicate, and a large number of amino acid can make liver cell restores. It has choline, can make liver function restores, improve immune function. Helix alga still has radiation-proof effect. When Russia nuclear power plant explodes, japanese expert goes rescue, those who take is helix alga, it fights radiation action strong.
The pregnancy that the female works before the computer woman some aborts after 4 months, the infantile elephant frog that some giving birth to come out is same, the impact that radiation brings a person is very big. Preliminary decide the reason is the building is decorated, and it is formaldehyde. The regulation on international, the building after decorating must the ability after half an year is entered. The building decorates pair of old people, pregnant woman, children the harm is the greatest. Everybody does not underestimate radiation. After helix alga extract, very pure very a bit smaller call alga answer health, it can fight radiation. In the person of the job before the computer, can drip a bit alga answer health on, also can eat alga answer health. It fights radiation, fight poison of tumor, disease-resistant, fight oxidation, and improve immune function.
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