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Eat natural food to take healthy route

“ cereal ” is the last it is millet! Detailed outline of a book on Chinese medicine had said to understand, millet can dehumidify, be good at lienal, composed. Sleep peacefully, have so auspicious place you do not eat! Very much now sit the person of the office sleeps to be not worn become aware, get depressed disease, neurosis, eat stable 2, 4, 6, already someone takes 8 to still sleep to be not worn. Beijing daily front page is cancelled come “ is stable not certain and stable ” . I pass in rural census, those old man old ladies people do not know what calls insomnia, lie on the bed to breathe out breathe out sleep. I observed carefully, the family drinks millet congee. In the morning a bowl of samp, mental coruscate, in the evening congee of a bowl of millet, breathe out breathe out to sleep greatly! You should understand, cure of dietotherapy overweight medicine, li Shizhen says this, the detailed outline of a book on Chinese medicine that all Li Shizhen writes is food entirely. Why don't we take food to solve a problem, have to takes medicine! 10 medicine 9 poison. I object taking medicine in disorder, my view takes medicine “ is short, smooth, fast ” . Short time takes medicine, take restful drug, stop drug quickly.
Common people of census result China lacks high grade albumen. Why? We present expenses for medicine is taller than the United States decuple, but our body is inferior to a family. Ministry of Public Health puts forward “ soja action to plan ” , content is “ a vegetable a beans, an egg adds the ” that nod the flesh. The albumen of 9 soja is equal to 19 lean lean, be equal to 29 eggs, be equal to 39 rice, the United States the ” of annual section of “ bean curd that was the whole nation surely on August 15. They are not short of high grade albumen, they think soja is nutrient flower, the king in the beans. The at least in soja has 5 kinds of material that fight cancer, especially maltose yellow ketone, it can prevent, remedial breast cancer, but just have in soja only. Is milk still soya-bean milk very good? U.N. says on international conference, what contain in milk is lactose, and the person that the whole world has 2/3 does not absorb lactose, there is 70% not to absorb lactose in person of Asian the yellow race, somebody milk is to drink, but how much to absorb. The biggest to milk uptake is Caucasian. What advantage does soya-bean milk have? What contain in soya-bean milk is few candy, it 100% absorb. And potassium, calcic, magnesium still is contained to wait in soya-bean milk, calcium is more than milk content. Cancerous material was not fought in milk, and there are 5 kinds of materials that fight cancer in soya-bean milk. Among them especially maltose yellow ketone is cancer of breast cancer of special precaution, cure, rectum, colonic cancer.
The first course that carry is carrot. Why to carry carrot? What write in detailed outline of our country a book on Chinese medicine is the vegetable that raise a key point. Cannot see a thing in the evening, especially nyctalopia, it is good to ate. It protects mucous membrane, eat carrot for a long time to get a cold not easily. American thinks carrot is hairdressing dish, raise a hair, raise the skin, raise mucous membrane. The person that often has carrot really from in outside hairdressing. When Urumqi they ask me to eat dumpling, be carrot stuffing, they give a name call Russia dumpling, after I eat, feel very beautiful. The first, it raises mucous membrane, catch a cold not easily; The 2nd, it is strong and handsome; The 3rd, it fights cancerous action a bit, and cross-eye eyeball is particularly good. Europe has had carrot cake. Carrot still is not afraid of high temperature, nutrition of much higher temperature also does not suffer lose.
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