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Eat natural food to take healthy route

The 3rd, green tea itself contains tea pleasant peace, tea pleasant raises hemal tenacity rather, make blood-vessel not easy burst. Hospital every are dead 4 people have is cerebral hemorrhage 1. Cerebral hemorrhage did not rule by law, enrage green tea with respect to be shy with strangers the first fight cancer, the 2nd can solid tooth, blood-vessel of the 3rd head is not easy burst.
They drink Europe every day a bit claret, red grapy has kind of thing on the skin, call “ changeover mellow ” . It is whole fight consenescence, still be antioxidant, the person of tipple claret does not get heart disease. The 2nd it can be helped prevent cardiac to stop fight suddenly, we call abrupt to stop. The heart below what circumstance can stop fight, the first have heart disease so, the 2nd have high blood pressure, the 3rd matter with food. Too big, excellent, stick too, the food of overheat can make the heart stops fight, hematic fat can make the heart stops fight high. Have a boy of 20 years old, he takes out the blood that come is pulpy, breakneck. We ask him, he says to eat too well. Not be you eat too well, eat too inconsequently however.
We have a case, a person bought a good year cake on the street, hard, stick again, heat up again, run back to the home to let an old lady eat quickly into the door, not cool, the old lady just ate a few with respect to die. He is carrying an old lady on the back to run toward the hospital, to the hospital we ask how he returns a responsibility, he says to just ate to old lady New Year cake. What is this does not belong to ignorance! Do not have rescue to come over. The old lady stays in the home well, do not have a thing to eat what New Year cake, eat heart of New Year cake to stop fight. Show to emphasize again and again in the world, too big, excellent, stick too, overheat can make the heart stops fight. Claret still has an effect is to be able to fall blood pressure, fall hematic fat.
What World Health Organization says is smoke of “ give up is restricted wine ” , did not say not to let drink, and the set limit to of wine also said bishop does not exceed 50 ~ everyday 100 milliliter, liquor does not exceed 5 ~ everyday 10 milliliter, beer does not exceed 300 milliliter everyday. If you exceed this amount,be wrong. White grape is mellow without changeover, you are to bilk.
. Drink claret richly so, those who do not have money like eating a grape not to say grape skin health care. The macrobian area of the whole world is in the area that do not have money, the first dust Er sweat that is Pakistan, the 2nd Azerbaijan that is Russia, still have Ecuadorian Kalahan, these are the areas that do not have money. Rich every day bubble is in banquet, gallinaceous duck cruelly oppress, fluctuation is general thick, general abdomen. I was investigated, such person seldom has lived 65 years old.
It is very dangerous to take exercise in the morning, rise in the morning, biological clock rule of the person is temperature blood pressure is tall, high, and adrenalin is compared in the evening tower above 4 times, if you are intense,move, have an accident very easily, appear easily the heart stops fight. We do not object taking a walk in the morning, do gymnastics, dozen shadowboxing, do breathing exercises. But if in old people is violent in the morning motion, start long-distance race, climb sweet mountain, 100 is kill without one benefit, and mortality is very tall.
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