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Eat natural food to take healthy route
6 kinds of health care were decided to taste on international conference
Victoria attends a meeting have enunciative, this enunciative have 3 milepost, the first calls a balance food, the 2nd calls campaign having oxygen, the 3rd calls psychology. Know on international of these 3 milepost.
Balance food
6 kinds of health care decided to taste on international conference: The first green tea; The 2nd claret; The 3rd soya-bean milk; The 4th yoghurt; The family does not carry milk, you notice; Soup of the 5th bone; Soup of the 6th mushroom. Why to carry dawdle boiling water? Because dawdle can improve immune function. An office somebody often catchs a cold, somebody often is not gotten ill, what reason? It is immune function different. Drink mushroom soup to be able to enhance immune power. Why does that carry bone boiling water? Bone contains Wan gum in soup, wan glue is a prolong life, so world each country has bone soup market now, and China is done not have. Do not look down upon bone soup, it can prolong life, because have Wan glue. Why to carry yoghurt? Because yoghurt is,maintain a bacterium to balance.
Alleged maintaining a bacterium is to show beneficial bacterium grows evenly, harmful bacteria is eliminated, it is OK to eat yoghurt so of little go to the bad. Milk itself we are not negative its action, but differ very far than rising with yoghurt.
A lot of people drink tea now, but the youth is not drunk. A lot of people drink black tea. Black tea adds biscuit to pass in European popularity, but did not drink now. Everybody knows, black tea adds biscuit to do not have action of a bit health care. Why does green tea have sanitarian effect? Tea Tuo phenol is contained inside original green tea, and tea Tuo phenol fights cancer. Return somebody to drink jasmine flower tea, do I ask why he drinks jasmine flower tea? His answer is very simple “ it is very sweet ” . If,I say you for sweet, I suggest you drink balm. We are not for sweet, be afraid of however cancer. The person of 40 years old of above does not have Japanese census inside neither one body of cancer cell. Why somebody gets cancer, somebody is not gotten, follow namely drink green tea to matter. If you drink 4 cups of green tea everyday, cancer cell does not break up, and although break up,also should defer 9 years of above. Go to school everyday in Japanese pupil so drink a cup of green tea. Tea Tuo phenol is contained in green tea, it fights cancer, in all beverage green tea is first. Jasmine flower tea does not have action of a bit health care, it is sweet only just.
The 2nd ask an attention, fluorine is contained in green tea. The person that Gu Fu says when archaic Cao Xue Qin writes red Lou Meng eats a meal to take tea gargle, and Su Dongpo also has account, he eats a meal to take every time in coarse tea gargle, the purpose is solid tooth. He does not know the effect that is fluorine, japanese makes clear Hunan now, it not only can solid tooth, still can eliminate decayed tooth, eliminate bacterium speck. After the meal 3 minutes, bacterium spot of the tooth is about to appear. We are very much now person tooth is bad, not only do not take boiled water gargle, connect Bai Shui not gargle, the problem does not know where. Somebody begins a tooth 30 years old now, 50 years old of teeth were dropped completely. If the tooth is good, you are macrobian of course. You took boiled water gargle to eliminate bacterium speck, and solid tooth. Arrived senile, your tooth is solid, do not get decayed tooth.
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