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Dietetics home is accepted " food is mensurable "
They do not have an elixir, but, ordinary food arrived on their hand, can become healthy namely. Everyday little, accumulate the one stride that rising is health: They get cardiovascular disease, posture rarely lightsome, let us look than actual age small …… forever it seems that, dietetics home people 7 infallible law that scrupulously abide by jointly. 1. Food makes a person happy. “ mankind should learn to admire each food that eats the mouth, chief inspector of nutrition of motion of center of medicine of ” Pittsburgh university · state says Laisili on the west: “ food ought to make a person happy. Even if the food that you do not like, also want to learn to imagine their good one side. ” state the breakfast on the west begins with a cup of yoghurt normally, imagining him body to manage the grazing land of stretch to the horizon, by Qing Dynasty clear grass is sweet around; If the fruit was added in yoghurt, think flourish fruiter, aureate Chinese flowering quince, red apple; Add bit of nutlet, you as if place oneself a flourish forest. The luncheon that contains a lot ofhigh grade albumen is little not the sea product such as fish, shrimp, scallop, as if in the roam in the sea. “ so, like have a meal and kissing, want heart and soul devoted. ”

2. Food of low grease of not sedulous choose and buy. “ is little of 50% adipose, tall multiple price ” , this is the low grease food in dietetics home eye. “ defatted ” means food to want to pass more machine program, and, they go against you to form proper diet to be used to —— you always feel, quantity of heat is low, eat again more to also have nothing to do with. Ni Yazhou of guest evening standard establishs university nutrition to fasten Ross of professor Barbara · to say: I can be in “ everyday a chocolate eats after dinner, the key depends on controlling his: Together, eat only. ”

3. Drink wine. Drink wine, it is the common interest of these dietetics homes, and, they like bishop to excel beer or spirited liquor. “ everyday dinner, I should drink a cup of white wine, this makes dinner more perfect. ” TV program " healthy good appetite " doctor of auspicious of carat of · of Ai Li of compere, dietetics home says: If “ is to have a meal outside, I can drink two cups of wine. Alcohol of many white black false bellebore is contained to wait in ” bishop fight oxidation material, can increase the interest of dinner not only, still can protect heart head blood vessel, kill two birds with one stone of it may be said.

4. Choose a fish and not be flesh of flocks and herds. “ goes out repast, the fish is optimal choice. Dietetics of university of ” new York fastens assistant to teach raise of Li Sha · to think, because cook fish has certain difficulty, a lot of people are disinclined to be done in the home. So, go out when repast, steak of fish of curry of type of soup of soft-shelled turtle of day type raw slices of fish meat, Chinese style, peaceful, Spain is right choice. “ stems from healthy consideration, I can have a fish 3 times at least every week. Flesh of flocks and herds is not bad, but rise with piscine comparing, their nutrition is really a few more inferior. ”
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