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The tie-in philosophy of American bishop and cate
Accept handkerchief already render outstanding service and be famous, suonama also gains both honor and money, they made American Hei Pinle bishop and Xia Duoli wine in the world prestige. Below their drive, small unripe ” produces other “ of the United States area high-spirited and vigorous, plan follow two old-timer. They are tasted by right of Weiniaoer, ash happy, set pull child, add Rodden even (Norton) , brought the wine of wonderful unsurpassed to common people likewise, and the characteristic dish bring out the best in each other with place. After all, “ place wine matchs local dish ” is the simplest tie-in philosophy.

   Sandwich of willow of Pu juice ox


Grape: Mountain range of radical of the name of a river in Shaanxi and Henan provinces is afraid with the brew division on the west never had listened to Rodden (Norton) this grape breed, because the area beyond ministry of American Chinese and Western is in basically without the place,this is grow this kind of local born and bred United States variety. But the brew division of Missouri people but early the glamour that appreciated it. Rodden makes the wine that give some are happy like the United States mix especially with Mu Gehuai wine come out, flap is worn of blackberry dark sweet, acidity is strong, chan Ningrou and, spend evenly taller.   

Producing area: The summer with wet Missouri suits Rodden especially grapy grows, because its immune force is extremely powerful, have a natural raincoat, if change other grape breed, in such sauna day, be afraid became moldy on the tree.   

Match absolutely: Usually, bishop fruit flavour weighs Rodden quite, chan Ning is weaker, by fowl often matchs for manage kind food is better, nevertheless also somebody tries to eating beef and porky moment to drink it, also have pretty good effect.   

Say food: The organic dawdle that Misulisenlinli cultivates was joined in sandwich, the sauce that wipes inside also is by Rodden the grape is allocated those who come out, drink a Rodden again bishop, the fleshy flavour of your life be bored with in sandwich is masked properly, the aroma nature of dawdle sends out come out.   

Represent wine garden: Stone Hill, augusta, adam Puchta and Crown Valley.

  Sweet clam of evaporate of Er of dimension Ao Nie

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