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Cheap sparkling wine as champagne substitute
Only France's Champagne region produces the most real, when you hear the champagne Kayseri that "bang" is one of the joys of champagne taste. Now, this joy can also be obtained from the taste of sparkling wine, and, sparkling wine's price is also cheaper. "Wine Blog" (The Wine Tribals) editor Robin Goldstein (Robin Goldstein) said: "The pricing of wine always makes elusive, is always the price of a bottle of wine and the joy they bring do not match." Wine blog "is this year's Guide, for people to introduce wines under 15 dollars, do not look down upon these wines, but they beat blind tasting wine over 50 dollars. According to Goldstein, said Dom Perignon Dom Perignon (Dom Perignon), the producer Moet & Chandon (Moet & Chandon) sold over 60 million a year of expensive bottles of champagne. However, the latest issue of "wine village" magazine survey has revealed that compared to the price of $ 150 per bottle of champagne king, most drinkers prefer the Columbia Valley, Washington State produced $ 12 bottle of Holy Tantra Xi foaming of sparkling wine vineyards. "If on the taste, the sparkling wine and champagne is not very different, this means that people spent at least $ 138 more." Goldstein said. "Red White and Drunk All Over" a book of Canadian Mike Lin, Natalie (Natalie MacLean) inexpensive sparkling wine is also in favor of the statement: "delicious sparkling wine, bubble entrance you can feel the thrill of jumping This will add much color to your holiday, it is important that we do not need to spend too much. "She also has a large wine Web site MacLaine also recommended from Italy's Santa Margherita Prosecco Di Valdobbiadene Brut, her evaluation of this dry sparkling wine is: full of unexpected taste, comfort, and also with the sweet taste of peaches and pears. In addition, she recommended from Spain's Freixenet Cordon Rosado, her comments on this wine is: pleasant fragrance, with fresh raspberry and strawberry flavor. Madeline Maldonado (Madeline Maldonado), the wine director of Manhattan from the United States, she will choose products from Australia and Germany Sekts sparkling wine as champagne replacement wine. She commented: "I really like Riesling (Riesling) and Veltliner (Gruner Veltliner), people still believe that Riesling is a white wine, but after processing it through the bubble, but it can bring people infinite surprise. now my favorite is the 2005 vintage Latham Borg (Ratzenberger). " There are several places in the world produce sparkling wine. The more famous of which is produced from the Greek by the Yiannis Tselepos Amalia Brut Sparkling fermented dry sparkling wine, this wine is made from white roses and grapes (Moschofilero grapes) brewed. This wine is not only the bubble, as well as pear, honey and lemon aroma. Sparkling wine produced in Australia is also one of the important areas. Australian sparkling wine is mainly Shiraz (Shiraz) brewing, adding to the smell of blackberries and chocolate. However, the price of alcohol short erratic. From the Chardonnay and Pinot Noir wines of New Mexico's Gruet Brut NV sparkling wine from California in the face of the attack under the manufacturers, or stabilize their prices. Change from the current price point of view, if you count the Bollinger RD 1997 and Krug Brut Grande Cuvee both wine, Giulio Ferrari 1997 is considered cheap at current prices.
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