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Dom Perignon champagne bottle Wang Rongyao pm Memorial
The world's top brand of Dom Pérignon Champagne Dom Perignon Dom Perignon recent grand launch of its global limited edition Andy Warhol commemorative bottles. This section excellent work by the London Central Saint Martins College of Art and Design Institute DEDECATES: passionate red, yellow and blue label and noble and elegant contrast to the dark bottle, impressively demonstrates the Andy Warhol colors the classical philosophy of the use of color, but is the most outstanding artists of the 20th century, the "Pop" art to pay tribute - an elegant heritage spirit of innovation, the perfect interpretation of the art of living. Andy Warhol and Dom Pérignon's bond "When we reached the gallery, where the exhibition is held in a small dress shoes. We accepted an interview with German newspaper and photographed, and then we returned to the hotel," 2000 "Club, who came to pick us - the club gathered 20 young people who buy 2000 bottles of Dom Perignon champagne, stored in a secret room, then open the drink until 2000. Then, we began to tease each other to see who is still alive when, who has been one step ahead ... ... " This writing on March 8, 1981 Andy Warhol opened the diary to the world's bond with Dom Pérignon. At that time, the "Pop" art advocate and leader of the New York underground art world has just finished an exhibition in Munich returned to the people about what he saw. He liked the joke, it's Dom Pérignon with his love of each other. He mentioned that he participated in many gatherings life in the late 70s of last century, he loved with friends to New York "Studio54" bar, in that unique experience to bring Dom Pérignon taste and Zhen U.S. mellow. Dom Pérignon of Andy Warhol's respect for Chong Zhijing Since the brand of Dom Pérignon consistently followed since the birth of excellent quality and innovative commitment to respect for China, which Andy Warhol challenge the traditional, continuous innovation, creative spirit coincide. In order to reinterpret the design of their bottles of rare long-lasting, Dom Pérignon prestigious guest artists Central Saint Martins College of Art and Design Institute of Design for their visit to help out. Available in this final three-bottle design, inspired by the Warhol and the subversion of the traditional art of encoding and the bold use of color: flowing lines, bright red, blue, yellow label, elegantly decorated set in Chun Hua bearing the dark bottle, the perfect reproduction of a bold avant-garde "pop" style, as the encounter went to a Warhol masterpiece of art across the world trip. About Andy Warhol Andy Warhol original 名安德鲁沃荷 pull (Andrew Warhola), born August 6, 1928. Warhol grew fond of painting and photography, has been at Carnegie Mellon University study. In 1949 he moved to New York and began drawing illustrations for the magazine. During this period, he has advised numerous fashion magazines, including: "Fashion", "Bazaar" and "New Yorker" and so on. In 1952, Andy Warhol held his first solo exhibition, four years later, he participated in the first group exhibition in the Museum of Modern Art in the United States. Warhol created the paintings are from the Pop Art. Many of his works, such as "Campbell's soup cans," "Marilyn Monroe", "Elvis" series have become the vanguard art of the 20th century masterpiece. Warhol has been working in different artistic fields, from photography to painting, and in the last century, MTV launched 80 years in his personal television talk show. February 22, 1987, Andy Warhol died, he was recognized as the most important 20th century artists. Andy Warhol Foundation for Visual Arts Andy Warhol Foundation for Visual Arts is based in New York, to promote the development of non-profit visual arts organization. Outstanding as of the 20th century American artist Andy Warhol to a wide range of artistic exploration change the world way to look at life and art. Warhol's cultural heritage through his art, Andy Warhol Foundation and Andy Warhol Bo Hall to a permanent inheritance. Dom Pérignon bottle design projects commemorate Andy Warhol Andy Warhol Visual Arts Foundation has been licensed.
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