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Champagne increase in volume and a fall in price in the Australian market
According to Nielsen's market research reports, champagne in the past two years the price declined by more than 8 percentage points. As of September this year, 12 months, the price of a bottle of champagne, down from 65.58 to 60.43 Australian dollars. Because of economic crisis The impact machine, champagne sales in the silence after the recovery, sales increased by 17.5%. According to Nielsen's analysis, this trend is the strong Australian dollar, retailers, brands and substantially lower discount price controls result of the role. This phenomenon is very common in the world. Champagne sales in Britain rose by 15.5%, but the overall average price of a bottle of champagne down. This shows that the champagne sales growth driven mainly by low-end market, but also Significantly affected by the discount. In Australia, sparkling wine (excluding champagne) in the past 12 months, sales fell 1.5%, the current and previous two years only to flat sales. President Nelson Liz Watkinson Pacific announced the latest survey of consumer behavior. She said: "The survey confirmed the low-income families in the reduction of one third of the consumers of wine Purchases to increase purchases of champagne. The high-income families, more than a quarter have increased the number of times to buy wine. "" This information shows the field is hot champagne together, we will usher in a The climax of the procurement of champagne before Christmas. "Her analysis to.
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