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China Road luxury boutique Champagne
End of 2009, Mumm Champagne (GH Mumm)'s top Champagne - Cuvée René Lalou 1998 Vintage Champagne landing in China, opened a boutique post-crisis era champagne prelude to entering China. For several months, Snow Champagne (Piper-Heidsieck), Moet & Chandon Champagne (Moet & Chandon) and in Paris the flower (Perrier Jouet) winemakers who have visited China, bringing great technology and aging pool of high intelligence End champagne. "Bordeaux are among the owners in Hong Kong, Shanghai or Singapore the opportunity to meet far more than their time at home", AXA millesimes Christian, director of marketing to describe this French red wine Industry, the importance of Asian markets. After all, in times of crisis, China remains on top-quality wines showed strong purchasing power and consumer desires. AC Nielsen data shows that Chinese consumers of luxury brands to promote enthusiasm and fascination Fine champagne into the market paid off, champagne market in 2009 to achieve 40% year on year growth. "A large number of customers or only willing to buy the best wines the most rare, and are willing to pay the staggering money." Hong Kong, a veteran wine critic, said. Therefore, the French champagne debut in China is not only high Tone, followed by a full range of luxury is its display. Advance high-profile top of the pyramid Some years ago, global president of Veuve Clicquot to confidently forecast in 2010 China will become Asia's second largest consumer market, Champagne, France features authentic Chinese consumers are willing to foot the bill for the climax of champagne Important reasons. In addition to origin, "the door", the high-end champagne for the strict control of production and origin of the minds of people also create a "valuable commodity" boutique image. March of this year, Dom Perignon champagne, held in Shanghai, Wang boutique tasting, brand vice president of global public relations Jean Berchon made a special trip from afar, with industry friends to share in the Dom Perignon listed on the 2000 New Year Family Pink champagne at the same time, Jean has not forgotten to support this pink champagne worth a lot of money: "a bold selection of the most rare Pinot Noir and Chardonnay grapes, aging from 8-10 years after the pink champagne, yield only the Chateau Champagne 5% of total output, top quality is evident. " May a cozy warmth of the afternoon, when the incumbent president Didier Depond Sharon champagne appeared in Shanghai, announced its 1997 year of Ariel Sharon formally entered the Chinese market Champagne, Champagne also not forget this unique identity on the Big issue: "hundreds of thousands of others may annual bottle. We will not, only 5.5 million bottles this year. We will never result of excessive quantity of production. As the shoes of Bo Luti, the car in Aston - Martin. " France ranked one of top five brands of champagne Taittinger Champagne (Taittinger) although still managed to keep the family tradition, but its efforts to develop the China market is not inferior to large manufacturers, Taittinger Torres champagne brand agents responsible person said: "In 2010, the family of a brand in Greater China to appoint special ambassador to refer Shaotai Ting Zhe personally a long history of Champagne, fine craftsmanship and Enter the Chinese market's top series. "Chateau suzerain Emmanuel ? Taittinger will make Asia the Chinese market than the United States, and that the rising consumption of champagne powers will overtake the United States in 15 years. Vintage Champagne lure of manufacturing quality These high-profile entry into the Chinese market and highest in the top of the pyramid of champagne, without exception, are Vintage Champagne. Unlike most wine sauce with the deployment of different years, out of the non-Vintage Champagne, compared Vintage Champagne produced in particular by Year of the more valuable. Dom Perignon Dom Perignon in the global investment in "exclusive VIP room" in Shanghai recently, a private club M1NT, the updated wine list to include in the pink champagne in 1998, 1971, 1975 and 1995, the Collection Champagne ... ... Vintage Champagne is fermented out, sometimes a major event to commemorate the winery, such as suzerain's daughter married or blessed with a child; sometimes to commemorate a special climate, excellent weather brings the perfect ripe grapes, These grapes do not have to rely on other years, the wine sauce to deployment. There are exceptions, the reporter learned from the brand side, the first snow Champagne Vintage Champagne is the product of harsh climate, and that year Champagne suffered a long dry Dry, extreme hot weather, and unyielding in the winery winemaker decided temperamental nature, but rather to use its ultimate brewing process giving birth to let the world stunning Vintage Champagne. Since then, whenever the challenges encountered harsh weather War, snow champagne winemakers will brew of champagne to commemorate a year of everyone's efforts this year. Precious Champagne Vintage Champagne production usually accounts for only 4% of total production, subject to at least 3 years of aging process, but also to better Vintage Champagne can only come out 4 years aging. Rich mellow taste, suitable for long-term protection Vintage Champagne prices are often maintained in the million or more, others only in the auction market to the collection-level circulation often several hundred thousand years a bottle of champagne, the high turnover. Wine critic William said: "Champagne lovers, and no annual Copies of champagne taste and stability of the balance the pursuit of style compared to the uncertainty of Vintage Champagne and unique flavor of the wine critic, often incurring the comments full of differences, and this year is the most exciting part of Champagne. " Become attached to arts to enhance the taste Champagne has been through various art forms shape their quality image. Recent years, with champagne on the art of celebration was held in China frequently, to win the favor of the new rich class. Champagne has become in recent years, special packaging artists are most keen to demonstrate their creative talent of the "one-third of an acre of land", brewed in the deployment of art and art history, anecdotes and so become attached to a body art is the champagne Packaging. The end of June this year, in the Expo Hall of Monaco, Paris, spend a beautiful time of the year 2002, a listing of champagne, bottles of art topic on it spread like wildfire. This year the champagne glass bottle decorated with international artists Emil ? Calais (Emile Gallé) Anemone drawn pattern, and its excellent artistic touched a famous Japanese bamboo art photographer Ma Xi Son (Makiko Takehara), the photographer with a unique artistic perspective, the specialized Time for the 2002 Vintage Champagne, including the beautiful 20 models, including the flower of Vintage Champagne in Paris shooting a series of photographic works, the interpretation of its unique artistic content. Cook Champagne (Krug) have and Vision Magazine "Visionaire" hand in hand, invited, including 11 Chinese artists, including artists, to "fantastic" as the theme, through the moving image, three-dimensional structure Cook champagne and other ways to show the packaging sublimated into a unique three-dimensional paper sculpture art. The well-known contemporary artists to its special design of the bottle of champagne coat year's "Artist Choice" activities have become the mass Taittinger Champagne System, in order to show that the brand of the China market in recent years a Taittinger Champagne's "Technicolor Dreamcoat" to come from the hands of Chinese artists.
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