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"Li Yu spring " into red wine brand
By Nanjing businessman Su Dong bridge grabs the “ Xiaoli that note brand of Yu Chun ” had been accepted formally by national brand bureau a few days ago, he just takes what come to brand bureau hair to accept advice note. Drive before Nanjing exceeds female concert to take legal give an official, su Dong bridge is excited very, he says to develop more than 10 kinds of relevant products such as melon seeds of card of ” of “ Xiaoli Yu Chun, milk even next.

Suffering defends TV to await results of battle

Su Dong bridge ever was the market department inspector general of some brand wine, “ liquor was enjoyed to engineer the title such as ” of author of theory of three-dimensional sale of ” of the first person, “ inside course of study after ” of “ solo flight, grabbing the full name that registers famous person to regard commodity as brand also is one of his business categories.

This year " super female voice " program name falls all over the sky, su Dong bridge stares at the “ that got on a few to advance triumphantly all the way to exceed female ” early before total final, prepare the ” of name “ catch the whole lot in an action them. But a when every register a trademark management project is about to cost 2000 yuan, su Dong bridge exceeded female ” to design more than 10 kinds of projects for every “ , such calculating come down every grab the charge that records a person to be in 20 thousand yuan of above, and once meet ” of “ who strikes first prevails grab note adversary, all charge hit water to float entirely.

After the course is cogitative, decision of Su Dong bridge is only right champion ” of one individual “ helper. Then, every week of 5 evening " super female voice " the business compulsory subject that total run-off became Su Dong bridge. Controlled late on August 26 at 11 o'clock, li Yu spring kills a tight encirclement eventually, the “ that made this year exceeds female ” total champion. On August 29 morning, su Dong Liang Zaidi for a short while register requisition to hand over national brand bureau, in result with one action.

Wine of Li Yu spring takes the lead in appearing on the market

On November 18, the brand “ that passes 3 months is fair show period ” , su Dong bridge took what nucleus of national brand bureau sends to accept advice note.

Su Dong bridge ever let in fresh air formerly in media, want go ahead of the rest to roll out melon seeds of card of ” of “ Xiaoli Yu Chun and milk, but he is actually preferential still the wine that chose to be familiar with kind with beverage kind. As we have learned, qualitative milkings of grandma of beverage of mineral water of card of ” of “ Xiaoli Yu Chun, carbonic acid, blame and Gan Gong bishop had been in the area such as Jinan, Wuhan to appear on the market in a small way at present, obtained not the echo of common. Su Dong bridge discloses, these “ exceed female ” product be about to large-scale land Nanjing, and he still plans to be in next year the wine of Kunming candy tobacco March enrols business grand “ gives boxing ” on the conference.
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