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Why to drink some people can blush, are some people met is the face hoar?
Let us speak of from facial reason. Alcohol brings about a lot of people think, actually otherwise, aldehyde is caused. Aldehyde has the function that makes blood capillary outspread, and facial ministry the outspread ability of blood capillary is facial reason. Drink so facial person is meant can rapid change alcohol into aldehyde, that is to say they have efficient alcohol dehydrogenation enzymatic. Nevertheless we cannot forget to still one is plant enzymatic, aldehyde dehydrogenation is enzymatic. Drink facial person is to have before one only enzymatic after doing not have enzymatic, so inside body accumulate aldehyde quickly and cannot metabolize tardy, because this is met,go up for long red face. Nevertheless everybody has experience, when 1 - the red after 2 hours is met gradually the leg goes, this is to rely on the P450 in liver to change aldehyde into second acid slowly, enter TCA to circulate next and be metabolized.
So drink how is fiercer person to return a responsibility? These people often drink a face more whiter, nod to abrupt washed-up, pickled. Because such person is tall,that is active alcohol dehydrogenation is enzymatic with aldehyde dehydrogenation enzymatic all do not have, basically rely on the P450 in liver to oxidize slowly (because P450 is particularity a flock of lower oxidation are enzymatic) . So, such factitious what can give a person the sense that can you drink very much? Lean because of them in those days humoral come attenuant alcohol, build jumps over great sense to be able to drink more. Below normal circumstance, alcohol chroma should exceed 0.1% they just are met insensible, it is half jins of liquor to most southern, and northerner because type of build or figure is great, can drink 8 two to a jin of liquor. But without giving thought to what person, if he is a face,drink whiter more model, had better not exceed half jins, have the possibility of acute alcoholism otherwise.

If is an alcohol dehydrogenation that the person has tall active namely enzymatic is the aldehyde dehydrogenation that has tall active again enzymatic how be met? He / she is the wine basket in fokelore. How to judge him / is she wine basket? Look to perspire in great quantities. Because if two enzymatic tall active, alcohol becomes second quickly to acid enters TCA to circulate and give out heat, give out heat in great quantities so and perspire. Come up against such person you avowed and can hapless, namely 10 8 normal people also had not fought him. Such person is not fortunately much, probably 100 thousand 1/0 the left and right sides.

A bit want to remind everybody, drink facial person hurts liver not easily actually, and with wine bald-faced the person hurts liver particularly easily. The home of National People's Congress of blush is average little urge sb to drink. , because this is drunk less, wine hind feels sleepy, sleep on 15 - 30 minutes spirit enlivened. And the often does not tell oneself ground wire of villain, drink in high excitement excessive, until blotto. Because the alcohol inside their body happens without the enzymatic processing of tall active accumulate, cause hepatic loss. Loss of alcohol sex liver occurs on these person only commonly. The person of blush is OK and successive even if of a few eat is drunk spat also drink, and the person of villain needs more time rest, because the metabolization of alcohol needs the 9 time of the day.
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