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The family brews the analysis of cause of formation with hot bishop oneself
Working relationship author uses all sorts of search engine in great quantities everyday, the search concerns all information of “ bishop ” .
Very long since, in domestic application limits the widest Baidu searchs engine, in word of 9 related to “ bishop ” popular searches, having 5 unexpectedly is concerned with wine wine, visible people is not the small number of people's behavior any more to making vinous interest, already exceeded the care level of the bishop brand to the take delight in talking about inside wine line of business far, this kind of phenomenon should cause industry to take seriously.
According to investigation, the family behaves as follows from wine wine current situation:
1. Brew a crowd oneself: Have brainpower, have a teacher, have emeritus old person, have housewife, have contemporary netizen, have in the undergraduate of school.
2. Make a goal oneself: In Yunnan De Qin has grape farming to surround low to be sold continuously from on wine 10 thousand jins of Xiaofan, liaoning has grapery to brew bishop to welcome a visitor oneself from the fort that build wine, have on the net brew neighborhood of a few hoisting jack to sell oneself; Have make friend of hundreds of jins of family at what share, have what drink liquor less to be family health consider, have wine 3 - bishop of 5 jins of understanding is basic of craft, majority makes a few jins of oneself enjoy.
3. Brew “ oneself wine age ” : The family that has 5 above makes person of bishop adviser rank oneself, have what made a success oneself last year jauntily person, more it is this year the try person of grape the crown of the year.
4. Make pitch of “ professional ” oneself: Grapy of useful and special brew, it is the supermarket buys delicacy to feed a grape for the most part. Chemical instrument inn deploys instrument of form a complete set to do bishop manage to change a test, have tool of self-restrained and special brew, have even have a fever friend uses wine of bishop distill height. Of course, more returning is adjust measures to local conditions of pallet start off.
5. Make development trend oneself: The family produces a division in domestic and international bishop from wine wine is not new issue, but in China big range is begun is newly emerging things however. Begin to there is communication in bishop major website 3 years ago, personnel leap is participated in since last year, each grape produces the travel section of the area to all hit a “ to brew bishop ” fascia to solicit a tourist oneself this year, can explode with “ heat 2 words of ” will describe brew upsurge oneself.
6. Make state of mind oneself: The environment affects state of mind, the thought decides the action. We should discuss this part mainly. From participate in brew vinous netizen to communicate state of mind to look oneself, from wine wine hot reason has the following:

1) , healthy diet, sanitarian consciousness rises
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