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2008 Beijing Olympic Games is analysed to the influence of Chinese tourism

Travel attracts content cent to attract content and time to attract content for the place, and large incident activity already became each district to develop tourism increasingly at present, the important way of hearten travel economy. Of incident activity run the transmission story that centered public media not only, what can promote travel quickly destination is famous spend and beautiful praise degree, enhance travel appeal and distinctive urban image greatly thereby, and the economic meaning with incident travel far-reaching to holding the ground to have activity and social meaning [1] . Li Xiaoguang thinks 2008 Beijing Olympic Games is our country tourism overtakes of advanced level once in a blue moon historical good luck, bring tremendous business chance to Beijing tourism not just, and have very positive stimulative effect to tourism development of the whole nation [2] . The Luo Yaping of the limited company of brigade international travel agent with Li Yong of ministry of sports of college of Wuhan grain industry and wide Hunan thinks our country has the biggest market of sports travel, 2008 Beijing Olympic Games provided powerful driving force to develop sports to travel again. Be in the budding, growing level that sports travel develops to our country especially, can say this is rare opportunity [3] . Liang Renjun thinks the Olympic Games will be opposite from below a few one respects Chinese tourism produces positive effect:  of  curb  takes ⒙ rotten a balance of cutting of the feet of ⑷ of  of  ∩ Fang comfort apprentice oh 4] of 萚of Yun of bastinado of Kang of Piao of rotten earthen jar of  handsome ⒙ . Ma Yueliang thinks Beijing Shen Ao will make travel industry of China successfully go up 10 years again before 21 centuries a step; And will promote the system of Chinese tourism and mechanism innovation further, build a good Olympic Games travel to develop an environment, meanwhile, beijing Olympic Games should turn Olympic Games of “ green Olympic Games, humanitarian Olympic Games, science and technology into the classical grand meeting of ” , this one concept also is pair of contemporary travel actually is complete and wraparound [5] . Chen Linxiang thinks Beijing Olympic Games will give China economic progress 2008, especially the development of Chinese tourism brings infinite business chance, domestic tourism ought to integrated travel resource, develop Chinese tourism, strategy formulates in 4 respects, it is respectively: The arrangement that establishs tourism of our country of ” of concept of “ big travel, promotion, development that drives countrywide tourism with Beijing, investigation that strengthens travel market and forecast, the element that evaluates all sorts of inaccuracy scientificly to decide [6] .
In July 2001, beijing was obtained successfully 2008 of Olympic Games of summer of the 29th group hold advantageous position, will tell from a respect, this is world each country comes for years to China the affirmation of the achievement of reforming and opening and the accredit to China; From the point of another angle, this also is the world when give China once in a blue moon the opportunity that develop and promotes. Consequently the article basically will apply the method that compare and analyses to forecast 2008 Olympic Games to travel to Beijing industrial influence.
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