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4 old beautiful woman are as dainty as 8
Belle and the ☆ that feed ☆ 4 old beautiful woman are as dainty as 8

Xi Shi tongue

Xi Shi native place has a kind of mug-up to be called " of tongue of " Xi Shi. Cake division uses method of condole oar ability, make water mill noodles or vermicelli made from bean or sweet potato starch with pink of polished glutinous rice first, the stuffing heart that enters flesh of jujube paste, walnut, sweet-scented osmanthus, green plum to wait for makings of ten kinds of fruit to mix for the bag with pink of polished glutinous rice again next, the suppress in be being put in glossal form mould shapes, soup is boiled or panbroil all but. Color of characteristic of this kind of mug-up is like bright month, sweet tastily.

High-ranked imperial concubine chicken

This is the one path plain dish of original creation of Shanghai name hutch. It is to use the hen with tender fertilizer to regard as advocate makings, make condiment with bishop, the wine after becoming dish is sweet full-bodied and delicate intoxicate, have the idea of " of chicken of " high-ranked imperial concubine. "

The Xin Qinhuai in food of city of ☆ ☆ bend looking around 8 colourful

The area of month of smoke of “ elegance and talent, 10 lis of Qin Huai of the place ” of golden pink assemble since ancient times much beautiful beautiful, the Li Xiangjun of 8 renown prostitute at the beginning of Ming Moqing, Dong Xiaowan, Liu Ru is, Beijing of door of circle of Gu Hengbo, Ma Xianglan, Chen Yuan, Kou Bai, Bian Yu, ever by the coronal with “ Qin Huai 8 colourful ” , the chilly that they leave beautiful beautiful love story, for Qin Huai the river added color of a few legend. Nowadays, look around less the “ Qin Huai of bend city 8 colourful ” , appear here little former days wonderful, people also is forced from food desire in the “ Qin Huai that searchs cate 8 colourful ” . "

☆ ☆ suck soup of a woman sighs a few times feminine flavour

Search the cupreous censer with green mildew of move giving extensive, the heavy bits that nods one wicking intoxicate is sweet, suck soup of a woman, sigh a few times feminine flavour. The man says, woman, must have feminine taste. The woman asks, feminine flavour, what flavour be after all?

The flower has 100 kinds, more what is more,the rather that woman. Have how many woman, have how many kinds of charm, have how many kinds of taste. The woman likes Bao boiling water, type is different, nutrition each different; The woman also resembles boiling water, shang Pin is different, flavor is different.

Soup of vermicelli made from bean starch of pickled Chinese cabbage

The one pot that silk of old pickled Chinese cabbage adds vermicelli made from bean starch to be boiled is bright clear soup, have a few occasionally or compose of shallow or deep green dish leaf at meantime. This kind of soup does not have the colour head of flowery, spice is not much, already simple substantial.
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