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Red wine section invites Liu Dehua to become a honored guest
Section of Macao international red wine will be held in April 2008, predict to also can be reached indoors outdoors open 3, 400 exhibit booth, showpiece various bishop, beer and firewater, the bar that plans to invite lane of laurel of Hong Kong orchid feeds four to participate in, more say to be able to invite actor Liu De Hua to hold the position of opening performance honored guest, predicting stream of people amounts to 20 thousand people.

In addition, another grand opera is exhibited for the houseboat May 2008, move by Australia division is held to dock of Macao fishing person, dock can exhibit sale director Lai Yili to express, 100 houseboat will berth runs from opposite directions in fishing person dock offshore, the authority concerned also can dig deep riverbed to cooperate, “ comfortable Feng Ao carries holy fire is passed to Macao at the appointed time, arrangement torch hand is in by houseboat land of fishing person pier, have reception of 100 houseboat a narrow lane, hope houseboat is exhibited hold every year, turn cycle racing into same grand occasion ” . He says, the meeting of fishing person dock exhibits field to basically hold marriage dinner temporarily, occupy 7 into, the conference is exhibited also by last year two into increase to 3 into, anticipate can exhibit an activity to be able to be added to 5 into, with marriage banquet each take an in part, “ competition is big of course, but Venetian kicks off, your whole can exhibit the market to increase, so some degree also has indebted ” . He anticipates, this year of whole book amount to most probably.

Actually, the coast of collect door gold of Hong Kong has every year hold houseboat to exhibit, exhibited this year in March more than 70 houseboat. Association of Hong Kong travel agent of course commissarial Hu Zhaoying thinks, dock of Macao fishing person is capable anchor is many houseboat, and houseboat of this kind of high spending is exhibited, as it happens inducts plute of mainland high spending, “ houseboat company still with Hong Kong relatively mature, but mainland plute also begins to have fun at, market potential is not small, want houseboat of Hong Kong of sale status feel well to exhibit only, natural and organic meeting turns go to Macao doing ” .

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