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Wine of happy special purchases for the Spring Festival is gotten coquettish
Do not become place without wine. Each supermarket piles up the liquor in prominent place passed strong festal information. Beautiful fermented glutinous rice becomes predestined relationship hospitality, if again good cooked food always appears drab without beautiful wine collocation.
Distance Spring Festival is less than time of 10 days only, each big market supermarket greeted consumer food to purchase a climax, each are big wine kind beverage industry also is having approximately mad sales promotion big fight. To all wine kind for drink manufacturer, if during the Spring Festival cannot by consumer engrave, will forget what receive them one year next then only.
★ comes on the stage businessman: Inn of red of abundant of grand of settle or live in a strange place of inn of member of grand of the inn below a priori of supermarket of inn of bottom of pagoda tree of Bao Longcang supermarket, northland, new generation, nature

■ big fight of sales promotion of wine Spring Festival to one's heart's content
The reporter sees before supermarket wine tastes shop, very major concentration is in market of provincial capital special purchases for the Spring Festival wine kind on consumption, liquor, beer, bishop, of the other place of this locality, very get consumer reception.
Sales promotion personnel says, because special purchases for the Spring Festival sells busy season advent, high-grade name wine if the sale status such as fluid of sword Na Chun, Maotai, 5 grain is bullish, 52 degrees of high end liquor of the left and right sides are the most welcome. Additional, on masses table, cheap name wine still has main place, the price is in 20 yuan - it is good that 35 yuan wine tastes sale status, 449 those who spend the left and right sides is the most welcome. The soul-stirring of it may be said of big fight of Spring Festival sales promotion in these, buying a bottle to give a bottle do not pass normally again, and some brands are rolled out even buy a bottle to send two bottles, the beverage blood that adds a kind of 2L again spells big sales promotion.

Red wine respect, the reporter discovers in much home supermarket, it is the “ parvenu ” in bishop no matter, still be ” of Zhang Yu of “ of patriarch class brand and ” of “ Great Wall, the price all has different level underground to move. The box of a ceremony that is like Zhang Yu installed 159 yuan of attune from before to go to 129 yuan, not only such, and still give another kind of two bottled little gifts box, very get consumer reception.

Exceed wine of smoke of inn of bottom of city pagoda tree according to Bao Longcang kind Jin Zhu of tally clerk Liu introduces, the sale of Spring Festival foreign wine is better than last year this year, and homebred vinous moves low price to also affect at the same time to foreign wine. As we have learned, at present a lot of foreign brands also depreciate accordingly, extent differs to 30 yuan from 1 yuan. And beer market is more lively, the green Pi besides this locality, Hua Run outside two old brands, nonlocal brand also has the proportion that comparative.
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