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Arrived again the season that the grape appears on the market in great quantities. Last on Sunday, live in stannum of the city that do not have stannum a mountainous area east the Laodai that harbor presses down Dai Hangcun bought 40 kilograms of grape to come home in the orchard, his old partner moved a big crock early, or so neighbour treats this condition, know old Dai You wants to make wine. Spend a month again, can savor the bishop of ” of “ green card that his home produces.
Really, make wine oneself, it is Laodai annual this seasonal and mandatory “ homework ” , buy 180 jins of grapes, make a beautiful wine of grape of one earthen jar, the family is OK the United States enjoys a year beautifully. The water of mix into of bishop both neither that the home brews also does not have any chemical additive and pigment, absolutely health green, and, eat a mouth to also not be defeated by the wine that sells in the shop, the belt in acid is sweet, wine sweet continous is long. The wine that often wears every year an earthen jar, kin friend smells wine is sweet, each comes to denounce.

Ask about old Dai Zi to brew vinous method, frank talk comes to his in full detail, be like his place character really, “ is very simple, learn to meet ” : The grape is redemptive (the amount is optional, ten jins 180 jins go, abecedarian can buy bit of attempt less) , abluent, notice to strings whole want to wash when washing, lest grape bead comes down from the depart on stalk,affect vinous quality into water. Blow grape nature next dry. Prepare an earthen jar or crock, abluent, insolation, the grape a bead picks transfer to a lower level to enter earthen jar from stalk in, put white sugar at the same time (Laodai's experience is general 25 kilograms of grape puts 5 kilograms of white sugar, but according to each one taste extenuatory increase and decrease) , mix white sugar and grape divide evenly, mouth of final earthen jar is plunged into with plastic cloth close, the cap on the lid, put indoors. The following day, the grape ferments below the action of candy “ grows ” . After a month, a crock of wine has been done, cast aside grape skin and seed, but see grape juice color is like rouge, its fragrance lay between home of a few family to be being heard.

Nowadays, people stresses scientific health care. Well-known, bishop has side aid digestion, hairdressing to raise Yan He to prevent the disease of heart head blood-vessel, effect such as cancer, so, the wine that the home makes is the drink of high grade green of be worthy of the name more. If you have fun at, might as well the day that carries a day Lang Fengqing, buoyant does the family a crock of bishop is tasted.

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