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French bishop is manorial appear on luxury to exhibit
France regards the inheritance of European culture as the ground, its beauty and colorific of the richest legend count the royal castle over there even, style each different, be just as the bright phearl of bright.

Exhibit in luxury of 2006 Beijing international, the ” of “ France castle that MGK Consulting SA of world-famous landed brand carries a banner to fall, “ bishop manorial ” , and the luxurious villa of Spain and Switzerland comes to Beijing join first exhibit, each castle, each manorial have a paragraph of attractive history and story.

Company of MGK Consulting SA, the hope can borrow this to exhibit castle of meeting general Europe, manorial culture to introduce China; The successful personage of industry of the state-owend enterprise in still hoping to be able to be attracted and star people look, facilitate finally sale; Because buy these house property, can be in European before the success that reflects them and exalted; The castle that the person that buy a house can have him in Europe, manorial, or go vacationing in villa, recieve friend, begin pair of Europe trade, or with Europe royal family, international stars or sports champion makes neighbour, will what can experience different country more is advantageous with exalted.

Abstruse Luo La of auroral goddess ——“”

“ abstruse Luo La is bearing the weight of on the body Italian thought, culture and beauty, have oneself original workmanship. Instantly, people often has same car, same computer, the series of edition of set limit to of Aurora can make show people is respectable the furniture with distinct personality. ” regards door of new generation palm as the person, kai scatters · dimension Luo Na to explain Aoluola so the fixed position of the pen.

With show ostentatious luxurious car, houseboat comparing to rise slightly, a such close ten million yuan the pen of the RMB appears low-key, put in business suit pocket unmanned and witting. As we have learned, the whole world shares birthday of 3 “ abstruse Luo La to commemorate ” pen, one is collected for Brunei Sudan, for Russia wealthy businessman is bought one collect. Exhibit in luxury of 2006 Beijing international in, aoluola will reveal another value close ten million yuan diamond name pen.

Global head aureate protect Shi Jie

City of Mu of sea of Ci of general blessing Er is the town of military importance of German gem and horological industry. Here, any sparkling those who shine is gold. Accordingly, in the birthplace of this gold jewelry, what everything and gold concern is strange think of clever it is strange to want to won't let a person feel.

The whole world the first aureate the nimble when protecting is born here. As we have learned, this aureate protecting Shi Jie is the goldsmith of VISUALIS company is made and become by Situjiate. Accredit of VISUALIS company CEO the gold foil of 22 carat sticks this artistic family expenses to protect Shi Jie Boxster completely. From such as steering wheel and door handle these control unit are mixed to automobile body all of alloy annulus circle is stuck full gold foil, the value of this two-seater open car cannot be estimated.
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