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Boat Shenzhen is rolled out south " the wine cellar in sky " invite a passenger
Recently, inc. of Chinese southern aviation (China Southern Airlines Company Limited, ” of Na Hang of “ of the following abbreviation) Shenzhen branch multiplies Wu to grow to undertake with steward of first-class stateroom cabin ” of the wine cellar in “ sky tries wine service to groom to 100, groom requirement empty elder sister undertakes to the bishop of 10 different producing area and taste clarity discerns, can offer for the passenger while bishop serves, beg even can the inquiry of passenger of fluent answer first-class stateroom cabin about bishop knowledge.

The wine cellar in “ sky is popularized in sky”The activity is Na Hang excellent 2008 service year an one of jobs, the purpose is to raise first-class stateroom cabin to serve level, rich bishop culture is built in aerial first-class stateroom cabin, empty elder sister must hep vinous history cultivates world of brew, new wine and old wine kingdom relevant knowledge, enhancing service technical ability while, one kind also be pair of steward quality rises.

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