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Qiu Riliu money is powerful claret

Michele Chiarlo Barbaresco DOCG

YALUMBA Barrosa Shiraz2002

Produce a division: Area of Australian Ba Luosha

Grape breed: 95% set pull child with 5% dimension Anniya

Alcohol spends: 14.5%

Referenced price: 395

Sell: Company of beautiful summer bishop

The history: Can see from the excellent vintage of this manual brew, drive orchid fort devotes oneself to brew meticulously all the time to hold the bishop of gust of a district characteristic, breed and distinct personality concurrently.

150 come for years, drive orchid fort holds to the vintage with the most excellent area of brew Ba Luosha, become the pillar sex winery of this area.

The Baluosha that this wine goes to grapevine strong point of 50 years with 30 years is set pull child grape brew and into, taste is full-bodied, aromatic and full-bodied.

Characteristic: Claret. Excessive is full sweet plum, the aromatic breath of blackberry, blackcurrant, pepper, clove, herb, chocolate and oak.

This is an elegant and attractive bishop, wine body is unusually complaisant, be full of the flavour of small blackberry, plum and licorice, strength of extremely rich show. Like goose down of its sheet Ning Rutian silky, bring good pleasant impression.

4. bosom friend is set pull child claret

Friends Shiraz 2002

A particular year: 2002

Produce a division: Area of Australian Ba Luosha.

Alcohol spends: 14.5%

Grape breed: 100% set pull child.

Referenced price: 275

Sell: Company of beautiful summer bishop

The history: Ireton devotes oneself to to increase its bishop supply all the time. The character that makes its bishop to because enlarge crop,avoid unique is damaged, synchronism rolls out Ireton this bishop and bosom friend Kabennisuwei Weng Gong bishop. All previous classics is counted year with Baluosha after collaboration is being built to concern between a lot of miniature grape cropper, aierduke all comes from the grapery of its good friend with saying these new alcoholic drink nowadays. Anew wine mark arrives of bishop gust improved, ireton's effort makes this bishop makes one of Baluosha's most high grade wine.

Characteristic: Gem is gules. Send out an inviting clay breath, carry the full-bodied scent of a bacca, chocolate, plum and herb. This bishop presents a strange local color, full-bodied and good, suit drinkable now, also can store after 9 years drinkable.

5. Ba Luosa manorial 100 Zesharuisi

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