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Bishop appreciate class suffers an undergraduate to chase after hold in both han
Mr. Yin is handsome, cultured, see he feels the demeanour of a France is mixed attack head on at will. His student evaluates ” so he.
Luminous wine glass of “ grape beautiful wine, the wine with some more precipitation shows its long time is a few longer. ” yesterday, a few students that Ke Linzheng gives the Yin of horticultural gardens institute him tell about southwest university how to discern the stand or fall of bishop quality. Yin overcomes Lin Cengliu to learn France 4 years, fermented glutinous rice of special study grape is made and the grape cultivates knowledge, he by students furtive in call man of “ France type ” of gentleman of ” and “ bishop.   
The student attends his class because of be not being chosen depressed

“ alas, I dare not choose the course of Mr. Yin, explode every time full, do not choose this again on depressed. Li Guowei of institute of economy of ” southwest university says. Every arrive new term, southwest university always has a lot of students not to go up because of the newspaper of Mr. Yin Kelin " bishop appreciate " class and depressed.   

Yin Kelin of assistant dean of horticultural gardens college says: My class newspaper celebrity counts “ now every semester is the first, every semester 2000 much people, when the class is much every week I should attend 7 classes. A lot of students of ” are the class that should listen to him to take place early to the classroom, the student that be late can stand only audit his class.   

Bishop edge is tasted to attend class by the side of the student please  

After undergraduate course graduates, Yin Kelin studies abroad 4 years to France, however, this outside after the science department that expedites a country gives birth to France to go, did not study science dependably, confuse however went up humanitarian art of France and culture.   

When “ goes back to the motherland, I took many kilograms 200 literature book, can say a few individual character are the nurturance in that paragraph of day in France to my humour is mixed. ” Yin Kelin says. I am more optional when “ attends class, when the person on the class is little before, I ask a student to taste wine in school garden, the edge tastes an edge to attend class. ” yesterday, yin Hai says for fun, “ is early know you come, we should take bishop to chat, have a feeling more so. ”  

Pronunciation article news should prepare lessons  

“ Mr. Yin is a know-all. Get on the class of Mr. Yin to always have a surprise every time, he is us the lover in the dream of an a lot of schoolgirls. One student of ” is commented on on campus Bbs. “ is become know-all also is not so good those who become, I rose at 5 o'clock every morning pronunciation article news, hear French broadcast. ” Yin Kelin expresses, he comes back from France when so that prepare lessons,the habit of nurturance reads foreign language news namely, use. I get on “ the purpose of bishop class is to make a student clear experience western culture. ” Mr. Yin says.   
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