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Western economy glides send sales volume of product of group of French lead hors
According to the newspaper, glide up to the sales volume of product of Remy Martin of a quarter before June 30 5.6 % , basically depend on American market sales volume dropping greatly.   
Last week, dominique Heriard Dubreull of chairman of Remy Martin board of directors expresses, because the economic problem of the United States, Europe endangers Asian market, predicting company business income will be inside a year sink backwater condition. But, a few wine kind product analyst thinks, below current condition, asian rising market may aid a helping hand of Remy Martin group. In addition, on the plenary meeting of outstanding achievement of group of French wine hard drinks that held in July this year, baolelijia carries out president Pierre Pringuet to express, asian market glides without economy evidence. His complement says, asia especially the influence that Chinese economy casts off the United States already, basically depend on home market.  


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