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Italy " the brigade of beautiful wine " , " below the foot of a hill " Piaimengt

Culture and historical lover travel in Piaimengte absolutely won't disappointed, because besides clever, large area still has a lot of histories and artistic building to be able to look. Just cite some of case: Shengmikailai (of Piaimengte indicative) it is a mediaeval abbey, build in a summit optimal locally, and hill of 7 place emperor (be announced to be world culture bequest by Educational) the harmony that representing religion, history, art and nature is shirt-sleeve: They are to be in 15 form to 17 centuries, it is the brigade of true religion, its characteristic has the chapel that blends in nature and valuable mural and sculpture to wait namely.

However, lake area of Piaimengte is the treasure ground that cultivate one's morality raises a gender not only, and suit hold all sorts of revealing to meet, all sorts of sports activities (for example: Motorboat, gig, slippery water, golf, horsemanship and tennis) the musical division with international level.

· Gu Si holds international salon in the palm (Salone Internazionale Del Gusto) (is clever) : The meal of high quality meets, biennially is organized, held in October.

· bishop salon (Salone Del Vino) (is clever) : This large exhibition is organized for bishop lover, biennially, hold international salon in the palm with Gu Si mutual and alternant.

Exposition of · international books (Fiera Internazionale Del Libro) (is clever) : This is the event with Italian the mainest the press, can meet with the writer that enjoys international reputation at the appointed time (in May) .

Carnival of Lei Ya of · Yi husband (Carnevale D'Ivrea) : Old tradition, the climax is a city street medium famous orange war.

The horse race section of · A Sidi (Palio Di Asti) : This is Italy's oldest horse race division, on behalf of the city by 9 knights each area has the competition (the) of the 3rd Sunday September.

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