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Italy " the brigade of beautiful wine " , " below the foot of a hill " Piaimengt

Clever person very cherish the precious and artistic cultural relic that they have, from wave road and Custer on the corridor column in square, can know the artistic success that these gem place achieve. Clever Corignano palace is Italy seat of the first parliament, it is design of famous Guarini of artistic Great Master is built. And the empress make imperial palace for short stays away from the capital of Valentino city, the court of 18 centuries, it is the seat of contemporary and artistic museum nowadays. Outskirts returns the various castles that a few is design by famous stylist and Dian Yu, pilgrim Ceng Chuan comes here to flow not to cease previously. Over tourists still can admire the ancient building that has Roman times feature and abbey.

The mark sex building of dirty area should count Piaimengte Antonio Of Ranverso, national defence front ever was over there (national boundaries line arrives from Forti Di Fenestrelle and Exilles Chaberton, arrive from Bramafan Moncenisio) , reflected the warlike condition of that period.

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In Piaimengte the Po of churchyard is Italy's oldest river (full-length 652 kilometers) , piaimengte still has Ma Jiaolei lake (be next to Jiaerda the 2nd big lake of Italian of the lake) with Ao Erda lake, two ground are the main travel ground that large area attracts a tourist. Piaimengte still has two states park: Dapaladisuo national park and park of state of made of baked clay Ge Langde, it is to wade the heaven with lover taking a walk.

Culture bequest of Piaimengte is much really, from this meaning, what can attract a tourist most is clever, of Italian car. Spirit and area of its week border district have Sa fertile according to familial few points abode, it is to be in from 17 to 18 centuries Sa fertile build according to dynasty period, they are announced to be world culture bequest by Educational. The most outstanding have the palace in the city (palace of Palazzo Reale) , motor Ma (castle of Nuo of Palazzo Madama) , made of baked clay Lun Di (Castello Del Valentino) , Kaliniyanuo palace (Palazzo Carignano) and circumjacent Liwoli the castle. Here museum is very much, for example Egypt museum is a whole world one Egypt cultural relic is the richest is collected in museum, museum of national motion picture (be in inside Anton inside benefit edifice) , house of Sa Wo Yimei art and contemporary with artistic now house.

The most outstanding in cathedral is episcopal hall, collecting inside (in divine encoffin cloth inside chapel) the encoffin cloth that wrap up considers as to cross Jesus body on the tradition. The exhibition activity of the culture that in Piaimengte metropolis holds, meal or other type is very much also, its importance often surmounted Italian national boundaries, for example Gu Si holds international salon, international bishop salon and international books exposition in the palm to wait. Besides clever large exhibition, still cannot forget this city to reach its to be in a province to be chosen to be Autumn 2006 of the Olympic Games sponsor the ground.
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