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Italy " the brigade of beautiful wine " , " below the foot of a hill " Piaimengt

In Italy, the flow that has a meal in Piaimengte is commonly: The biscuit of be eaten together with rice or bread that goes up surely, cold spell a head dish (lettuce, unripe ham or banger, sausage) , staple food is noodle or noodles made from bean or sweet potato starch or dumpling commonly cheese or ketchup, perhaps the 2nd bake on the road vituline the potato that bake or the chili that bake or the green vegetables that bake, finally is vegetable of melon and fruit (can eat to also can mix completely salad) . Italian eat and Chinese meal are same, also be a the famousest on the world. Nevertheless, it is who invented noodle after all, be Chinese or Italian? Who knows!

Really, in the skin Aimengte can admire the peculiar beautiful scenery that is full of glamour already, still can sample at the same time the gust cate of all sorts of place tunnels, the person that allow visit people feel not empty and row.

The history

1046, yi Baijue of Sa bend over joins Piaimengte those who become Sa Fu Yi is main and feudal, the capital is located in Shangbeili (show French Sa tile to save provincial capital) . Sa bend over is duchy at was being promoted 1416 according to the royal family, shellfish of · humble benefit holds ducal 1563 Emmanuel in the palm move to live to Piaimengte. Sa bend over became Sadingniya according to duke 1720 kingly, develop in the future for Sadingniya · Pi Ai is cheated special the importance with kingdom and effective promotion and become Europe among them the capital of one country.

Aerba the republic is France of period of the French Revolution the satellitic country in Piaimengte, built 1796, was incorporated by France 1801. In June 1802 country of a new satellite Su Baping peaceful republic (Yupiaimengte establishs Subalpine Republic) and in September by French annex. In Vienna conference, sadingniya - Piaimengte is regnal and new recover from an illness, more obtained Renaya republic in order to enhance actual strength, become an obstacle of France.

Early before 1820 - reached 1821 1848 - after the war that started antagonism Austria empire 1849 fails, piaimengte was become 1859 - the Italy between 1861 unites motion initiate an area. After uniting, sa bend over became Italian kingly royal family according to the royal family, and the capital that clever brief also ground makes Italy. But, regnal territory increased to reduce Piaimengte however the position in kingdom, national capital first change comes Foluolunsa, later again change comes Rome. Among them a certifiable Piaimengte has delegate place on Italian history, the crown prince that is Italy also calls Piaimengte infante.


Piaimengte (Piemonte) with its special situation, become northwest Europe and Italian Pi copula, the European alliance in this kind of its special situation is adumbrative ideal can come true after all.

The culture art communication that hangover of a lot of history makes clear to Po Campagna, France and Spain are here is very active, especially mediaeval ancient building and several Rome cathedral and the Vezzolano abbey that the around You Wei's old king that check put in order builds. The building art that still can find period of a few Rome today in private residence and Ba Luo overcome the trace that grandiose wall acts the role of, and gothic style is other the work that builds school. The reason is here once had lifted those who imitate palace house to build room climax when 16 centuries. As a result of Savoia offer, u.N. Educational was here one of human culture bequest surely 1997.
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