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Italy " the brigade of beautiful wine " , " below the foot of a hill " Piaimengt

In addition, piaimengte still produces extremely dry and complaisant plump Dolcetto (Duoqieduo) bishop, the Grignolino with the history is long and unripe chief slashing condition (Geliniaolinuo) bishop, be eaten together with rice or bread is optimal and tie-in one of Freisa (Foleiyisa) bishop, originate in miscarriage area Acqui (A boast Yi) Branchetto (Bulakaituo) bleb red wine is more attractive, these breed already pop chart of bishop of Rong Dengshi bound.

Be in at present, the DOC wine that takes Piaimengte and DOCG wine crop and exit amount are the largest, not be red wine however Asti (Asidi) wine. Use Moscato Bianco (Monikatuo · is white) of brew sweet white wine is sweet perhaps white light sparkling wine, general wine precision spends the left and right sides in 5-8, and Moscato D’Asti (Mo Ni card holds · A Sidi in the palm) criterion lowermost wine precision is 11 degrees, have very typical full-bodied beautiful sweet smell, accompanying very delightful bleb and fresh honey peach flavour, very invite a person especially the jubilation of ladies.

What be worth to be carried finally is, come from Gavi (case power) the Gavi bishop of the area perhaps calls Cortese Di Gavi (division generation surpasses · case power) bishop is a kind of white wine that makes a French also must be convinced. Gavi bishop color is very attractive, show weak aureate, the likelihood still has a few reseda, odour is very aromatic, mixing lemon, lily, crab and even pineapple the fragrance that wait, because of its taller acidity and balanced wine body form a kind of very delicate combination, resemble Pinot Gris a bit (grey Pi Nuo) , but have charm more again at the same time, more elegant also. Traditional Gavi is to stipulate the Gavi grape that can use Gavi this locality produce only comes more brew, mouthfeel is more lightsome, more attractive also.

Walk to cover especially big area in Pi Ai, rise and fall gently and downy upland seat of honour is falling a lot of castles and grapery, and local wine cellar is in more ancient castle and manorial in, they are become sample beautiful wine seek by inquiry Piaimengte the ” of foothold of “ of famous historical site of historical culture. Of course, want to make an appointment ahead of schedule besides need, if still have,follow a car and guide, add abundant time to be met get twice the result with half the effort, have results more much.


When besides the world's celebrated bishop, speak of Piaimengte food also is to have local distinguishing feature very. Piaimengte the person basically is given priority to with cooked wheaten food, especially white Langhe and Agnolotti or Tajarin, all be noodle kind food. Still have additionally Risotti and all sorts of soup juice, the characteristic dish of this area is Bagna Cauda, it is garlic, pickles and dogmeat foam fry boiler to go up in heat together firing delicate, the vegetable such as carrot still can be added inside. Still having cheese is the delegate product that Pi Ai covers specially area all the time, and variety is very special and rich, for instance Bra, Raschera, Toma is mixed Castelmagno (Kasitemanuo) . Among them most those who enjoy high reputation is Kasitemanuo cheese and popular with each passing day the Rebinla of the Luo Ka Fan Lanuo that rise cheese, one kind suckles the Italian cheese with made distinctive taste with the goat completely. In addition, candy and chocolate also are one of Piaimengte's special local product. Be like candy of hazelnut butter almond. It is simple and simple white breed, make with the raw material such as egg, honey, candy and hazelnut, very welcome, be worth to be tasted very much. And Gu Gong of clever He Peilu enjoys “ Italy chocolate together the high reputation of ” , in the city a lot of mug-up are spread and chocolate inn can sample get. Carry finally, lan Ge and unconscious Feilatuo (Asidi is circumjacent area) famous still have truffle, one kind has the worry of full-bodied fragrance, some places call Song Lou, this is Italy's costliest food probably.
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