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Italy " the brigade of beautiful wine " , " below the foot of a hill " Piaimengt
Piaimengte (Piemonte) be located in Italian northwest ministry, be located in valley of Po upper reaches, on the west, north surrounds for the the Alps, the Apennines of benefit Gu Liya is south. It and Switzerland and French border on, with home human relations cling to, · Rome Nie reachs Liguliya, Aimiliya Walaidaaosida is big area photograph adjacent.

Piemonte is the meaning of the ” below “ foot of a hill in Italian article, be in early mediaeval when make this name and all the time continue to use arrives today, the matter connects Alps closely as a result of it namely (the Alps) with Apennines (Si Shan of A Peini Nie) .

Piaimengte saves composition by 8: Yalishandeliya, do not pull, A Sidi, Kuneiao, Nuowala, clever, Weierbanuo - Kuxiao - abstruse. Among them main city is clever, Yalishandeliya and Nuowana. At present population makes an appointment with Piaimengte 4.23 million, area 25, 399 square kilometer, among them 73% it is a mountainous area with highland. Inside area under administration, the hillock that is enjoy oneself so much as to forget to leave making a person everywhere, laky with gardens, the mountain peak of lake water of blue and green makes whole Pi Ai cheats especially big Ou Rushi to be like a dream.

Piaimengte is Italy and even world of the most negative great reputation produce one of divisions, the grapery area of whole area exceeds 700 square kilometer (170, 000 acre) . Although it is in,all Italy occupy the 7th only in the crop seniority of large area, in other respect, it is giant of line of business of a wine wine however. Because of its distinctive bishop breed is numerous and have 9 kinds of DOCG with considerable amount (assure area of law a system of fixed quotas for grain production) wine and 45 kinds of DOC (area of law a system of fixed quotas for grain production) bishop, make its far exceed other large area and get head. And today, the wine of 80% above tastes Piaimengte to arrive sell as far as to world each district. Especially with producing exalted Barolo has with Barbaresco suffer praise highly, and wide welcome still have those who take steam is sweet white wine Asti (Asidi) .

Pi Ai covers especially big area (Piemonte) bishop brew history is OK times of restrospect to Rome, the grape that place brew uses almost all is autochthonal breed. Be like brew Barolo (Baluoluo) , barbaresco (Babalaisike) with Gattinara (standard nature that) the Nebbiolo of high variety (Neibiaoluo) .

——Barolo, Barbaresco, Barbera says in what Italian claret all along has “3B” . Among them before two kinds originate in Piaimengte with respect to the source, to Barolo bishop, the Italian is none miserly call it Il Vino Dei Re E Il Re Dei Vini (the king in Wang Zhe's wine and wine) . Barolo its mouthfeel is sweet-scented and powerful, contain more complex aroma and suit old wine very much. General Barolo wine asks at least 3-5 year old wine, top class even can deposit 15 years again drinkable, at the appointed time mouthfeel will be more downy, wine body and acidity also are met more tend perfect. Opposite with Barolo, barbaresco wine body is more lightsome a few downier, also suit age hind drinkable, a few advanced version needs to deposit 10 years to just can achieve perfect structure even. As to cultivate occupy Piaimengte to produce the wine that the Barbera grape brew of 50% gives the division, contain attractive aroma, pure and fresh and haggard mouthfeel normally. What differ with high Barolo and Barbaresco is, barbera is used to normally brew is common wine of be eaten together with rice or bread, it is nevertheless in the wine of be eaten together with rice or bread of this class, barbera has become Pi Ai to cheat one of brunt of wine of DOC of especially big area.
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