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Ningxia bronze gorge 80 thousand mus of grapes are ripe
Fall September, be worth the melon and fruit on a place of strategic importance to wave sweet, again and again of the fructification on 80 thousand mus of grape trellis of city of gorge of bronze of Ningxia Hui Autonomous Region, 2008 China (Ningxia) Cultural Festival of bronze gorge grape kicks off in this joyance in a bumper harvest. The travelling merchant that attends a section to celebrate an activity and tourist are sampling to the top of one's bent the beautiful wine with melting grape and sweet alcohol, bronze gorge grape is cultivated door people taste the joyance that experiencing a bumper harvest.

Bronze gorge city is located in Ningxia Campagna to make the eastpart part of yellow fill division, the Yellow River is faced east, congratulate orchid hill leans on the west, with France famous grape produces area wave Er to lie more same latitude. The distinctive Gao Jiwen, strong illumination, little rainfall, big difference in temperature, nature that can accuse water, free from contamination and geographical condition, make area of the foot of mountain of congratulate orchid Shandong had the area with development brew the most advantaged grape advantage, become the ” of “ gold region that domestic and international expert's accepted world grape cultivates, it is a country country of origin of 3 old wine protects one of range.

The grape is ripe

2008 China (Ningxia) opening ceremony of Cultural Festival of bronze gorge grape

Association of trade of fruit of bronze gorge city obtains high grade grape of “ whole nation to produce base ” title

The dancer on grape section opening ceremony and grape take a photo as a souvenir

Of bishop factory ferment workshop
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