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The ternary secret that high-end bishop collects
Editor's note: Personage of major of red wine industry tells weekly of conduct financial transactions the reporter, in the bishop breed of ” of asset of liquid of the “ that be called, only the high-end wine of 0.1% has investment value. So, how should investor search this a thousand li to carry the good wine of one?

   A particular year of wine place of business and production is the most important

“ serves as the each country on the world is accepted now and for the wine place of business that China approbates, wine of wine place of business should be had collect a meaning. Wang Qi of vice-president of association of industry of brew of the grain in ” tells weekly of conduct financial transactions the reporter, “ wine place of business is a kind rare lack resource, we need to ask an expert to go to each domestic places measuring, the soil that visits what place and climate suit kind of grape, in have good natural condition to fall to turn wine place of business again. This kind of operation is in conform with international. ”

Introduce according to him, at present the wine place of business on Chinese real significance has 9 only, at the same time the scale of production as a result of these wine place of businesses accepts restriction, and basically armrest is versed in the craft of brew is not mechanization, the wine of wine place of business that comes out because of this brew is had very much save value.

Wang Qi says: “ besides the brand element that owns well-known wine place of business, decide even according to a particular year, situation, climate condition at that time in those days bishop has the sense that collect and keeps a cost. ”

Also because of this, the tall canal that grain gentleman carries wine place of business on the head in people recommending Oriental, honour Yue, Tian Yue to investor 3 2006 when the period wine product of the portion, invited national bishop quality to supervise designedly examine director Zhu Jiyi of the center released character of pair of these 3 vinous to evaluate.

“2006 year the weather condition that a fabled abode of immortals produces a division is better, sunshine time is 2946.9 hours, duration of more average sunshine is much 130 hours, 2006 rainfall 515.5 millimeter, among them September rainfall 5.6 millimeter, october rainfall 7.6 millimeter, more average year of rainfall is little 16 millimeter. When ” Zhu Jiyi is releasing evaluation result, begin to mention from the natural condition of area of a fabled abode of immortals, condition of latitudinal to producing vinous, climate, soil and in those days sunshine time, quantity of heat, moisture had detailed introduction, gentleman of the grain in be opposite carries bishop of money of wine Zhuang San on the head, gave “ quality feature target far the evaluation of ” of excel state level.

“ wine kind there is cant in the industry, call ‘ a priori to depend on raw material, will depend on craft ’ the day after tomorrow. 2006 is a very good a particular year really, in September the bottom finishs the picked time of common at that time garden, but we delayed a month however, our grape maturity is accordingly first-rate. Place of business of wine of top of gentleman of the grain in ” is presiding brew division Shao Xuedong is recollected to reporter of weekly of conduct financial transactions in those days state.
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