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China becomes Australia vinous the biggest market
According to Australia famous media " emissary of Herald Sun sun signs up for " report, up to by July 2008, in 12 months in the past Australian bishop speaks a volume full acute decreases 700 million litres, with on year look compares retrogression 13 % , be equivalent to the market prediction of a person's luck in a given year of 1.6 billion euro.   

It is reported, australia bishop was in last year two chunk market: The share of England and United States drops quickly (the forehead spends it is respectively: - 25 % and - 9 % ) . Investigate its reason, british market tax rate rises reach bay yuan appreciating is the main factor that causes total export volume to drop madly.   

To remedy this one situation, australian government will go all lengths increase strength to spur this nation bishop the market that in burgeoning consumption country such as Denmark, Holand, Singapore, chinese mainland reachs Hong Kong market. According to Australian trade commission (Austrade) confirm, to in March 2008, the bottled bishop exit to China breaks through Australia first million box, china already became Australia bottled bishop is in the biggest market of the Asia.

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