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China may become Chile of the next of wine line of business
Before long, western wine judges a derisive Chinese not to understand taste wine, bishop and soda lump, regard the company inside the top job of this country as local alien, just offer cheap wine for an immature market. But nowadays, more and more people (include investor) changed a view, think China is the next Chile of wine line of business likely, become the bishop source of beauty of qualitative actor price.   

The dynasty of native land brand, Zhang Yu and Great Wall wine market that dominated Chinese half left and right sides. Grow in this international bishop rapid but dimensions still lesser country, they are changing the national preference to beer and arrack hard.   

Analyst says, affect a whole world as American economy depression, the bishop sale of the near future can drop. But because can dominate the way of life with the more healthy, moderner demand of rich middle class of the addition of income and this country, chinese native land vinous grows foreground for a long time to value.   

Liu Shanshan of analyst of branch of Swiss credit Shanghai (sound) say: “ this should be a progressively process. Crucial good luck depends on low starting point, crucial challenge should be to come from had infiltrated the competition of the foreign brand of Chinese market. ” international firewater and bishop tycoon are like Di Yaji Europe and Baoleli, the China of main economy system with the rapiddest growth of alive also group is active and outspread, but basically center at high-end whiskey brand.  

According to Ou Rui investigation shows, to 2010 Chinese wine line of business predicts to add the 10.5 billion dollar from 2007 to about 13.7 billion dollar, experts think to 2012 China may become the 8th old wine of world to consume a country. But bishop still holds very small market share only in Chinese market. According to forecasting, to 2010, blame bishop kind drink will still be held like yellow rice or millet wine and rice wine near 2/3 market. Under photograph comparing, dimensions of global wine market amounted to 234.7 billion dollar 2007, among them ” of “ light bishop takes 164.2 billion dollar.  

The bishop that consumes in China 90% it is claret, it is regarded as the identity and symbolize costlily. But even if is a such figure, chinese bishop still opposite petty gain, flat even bottle is less than 3 dollars. Somebody is afraid, as savour diffuse in burgeoning middle class, foreign brand may defeat business of native land wine finally.

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