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Operate inadvertent blast carefully from wine wine bottle
Experience personage reminds, do not use plastic carefe Cheng Fang, had better use stainless steel or terrarium

These a few years, every arrive fall season, many people like to make wine oneself, ms. Zhang also was joined this year make range oneself. Yesterday morning, her Cheng Fang makes vinous bottle flee in terrorfry in deep fat or oil oneself. To this, one has the citizen that makes experience oneself to remind, brew vinous to ferment the process can produce a large number of gas oneself, do not use plastic carefe Cheng Fang so, had better use vitreous bottle or stainless steel container.

This bottle of bishop just brewed “ 4 days, did not think of to be able to produce explosion. ” yesterday 12 when, the reporter sees in Ms. Zhang home, the carefe that a capacity is in 2.5 litres already pop, just brewed the bishop juice that go out to shed one ground, give out flavour of a wine. Ms. Zhang says, listen to a colleague to say, in the healthy food that World Health Organization recommends, claret be among the best of candidates, special the health care that is helpful for heart head blood-vessel. She introduces according to what work in the same place that this year, in loading grape, white sugar bottle, put its later in the balcony. Yesterday morning 10 when make, she is cleaning sanitation in the sitting room, hear kitchen balcony transmits ” of “ Peng Peng twice, run to the balcony to see bottle already scamper left. There is not a person on the balcony at that time fortunately.

Already became popular DIY from wine wine, the reporter interviews understanding to arrive, more and more citizens choose to be brewed oneself in the home, the method is endless however and same. Enter since September, the reporter receives much each to brew the hotline that bishop happening explodes, among them 5 it is to happen after loading a grape 45 days inside.

For this, the reporter enquired technically have the citizen king gentleman that makes experience oneself for years. Mr Wang is analysed, the likelihood is Ms. Zhang bottle closed when fermenting, and bottle is plastic carefe. Produce a large number of gas because of the meeting when fermenting, so, the container of brew had better be stainless steel or the ten million such as glass, pottery and porcelain, enamel cannot use iron, aluminium to wait, can produce chemical reaction in that way, produce toxic material.

Mr Wang reminds say, have a lot of skill from wine wine, his process that make is as follows:

1, time. Annual when the grape comes down in great quantities, namely September. Right now not only the grape is cheap, air temperature also as it happens suits a grape to ferment the 25°C ~ of the requirement 30°C;

2, choose. Go with grape of popular gigantic abundant, should choose color deep, the wine color that come out is good-looking;

3, clean. Rush with tap water after redemptive grape, do not want knead. Pick bad grape next, put in clear water to immerse 40 minutes, fish out will accuse naturally to do moisture;
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