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Woman of Heibei calm city establishs 22 years wine place of business

The Kingdom of Wei of 53 years old can eata surname this year, it is Heibei province Dong Ting of the city that decide a city presses down Huang Jiaying village woman of a common country. Come from 1986, she contracts in succession this village high grade grape waits after peak of grow of many mus of 1000 land, still introduce Western Europe contemporary brew craft, establish wine place of business, make the garden of agricultural zoology sightseeing with famed far and near, recieve Beijing, Shijiazhuang, Baoding every year to wait big in urban tourist 30000 much people.

The reporter sees in this garden area, branch of wine place of business cultivates area, life office division and garden forest zone to machine brewing division, grape, have workshop of brew of grape museum, grape and subterranean wine cellar to wait for a building. There is the delicacy such as rhyme of deer of peak hind, Fuji, Chi Xiazhu, plum to feed inside grapery with brew breed of two kinds of big 28 high grade grapes. Still build inside wine place of business have Huang Jia the famous tourist attraction such as fair door of booth of poem of 塚 of grave of a knot in one's heart, catfish, 36 man and government-owned home grave, Yan Zishu house, grape, I.

According to wine place of business master Wei Huiru introduces, since 1986, oneself contract in succession this village land grows a grape, the market that upgrades as the amplification that cultivates dimensions and industry later needs, produced construction wine him place of business brew vinous tentative idea. For this, garden area investment is huge endowment introduce Western Europe contemporary brew craft, build floor area to amount to 2600 square metre and the has Euramerican color quite wine place of business that look wine cellar, bishop produces area of workshop, exhibition, bar to be an organic whole, produce a Chi Xiazhu the high-grade bishop product such as Gangong and Xue Caigong.

Wei Huiru says, in recent years, concern branch and calm state municipal Party committee, municipal government in superior support energetically below, the village highlights Home Huang bishop terrain distinguishing feature, disentomb details of native land culture, bold draw lessons from the west to build form and administrative pattern, on the base that expands demonstrative agriculture energetically, with “ ancient, green, foreign ” is breach, developed resource of zoology agriculture travel in the round, make wine place of business is judged to be area of scene of travel of national 3A stage, also make the first selection land that countryside of passenger of province inside and outside swims, still can induct obtain employment of woman of nearly 100 local rural areas every year at the same time.

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