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Aid a Han Zaifen of Yantai wine division to will perform Huang Mei to make fun o
Bishop of international of the 2nd Yantai the section will kick off on September 23, the reporter understands from the press conference that held on September 5, came 24 days on September 22 every night 7: 30—9: 30, huang Mei of “ Han Zaifen makes fun of classical a list of plays is exhibited perform ” to will be in Yantai art the cinema performs 3 repeatedly, for bishop of international of the 2nd Yantai section and vegetables of the 10th fruit are met act according to on wonderful culture big food.

This second activity is mixed so that round limited company sponsors Lisiji jointly by bureau of Yantai city culture, city performance company undertakes, performed two repeatedly with 23 days on September 22 " badge city woman " , 24 days of evening are last classical press an axis to make fun of greatly " female emperor's son-in-law " .

" badge city woman " was born 1999, be in after perform in public global cause intense echo, the show lasts long. This drama pays attention to the deepness that musical music for voices in a Chinese opera behaves, strength, range, the air that is like the expressional method of western music symphony is bold transplanting comes over, the traditional music for voices in a Chinese opera that makes fun of with Huang Mei gives priority to line, alternate among them a few aria that provide innovation extremely, can hear yellow Mei Huyin's happy charm already, can feel the real feeling of person heart world again, the free and easy of the romantic charm that deep apply colours to a drawing gives bureau of badge city Gu Min and destiny of hero of Gu Min Courier rises and fall. Han Zaifen's performance has everybody quite wind model, the appearance of an actor is pretty, the performance is exquisite, organ is fruity, mild and indirect of music for voices in a Chinese opera rising and falling, lasting appeal is pure and honest, deduce the task vivid lifelike, wen Hua of ” of award of wintersweet of Cenghuo China Thespian “ , “ performs award ” to wait multinomial large award, a lot of glorious were modelled to take artistic form of the person in stagewise film, TV. Come this smoke carries his the Anqing of — of artistic ordinary members of theatrical troupe of 70 more than person again fragrance art theater displays yellow Mei Huyi art, add colour to add for wine division and fruit vegetables grand meeting brightness, bring good art to enjoy to Yantai citizen and guest of China and foreign countries.

The reporter learns additionally, han Zaifen led group of art of yellow plum play to come to Yantai to had had a show 2002, perform at that time " badge city woman " and " female emperor's son-in-law " Ceng Yin removed not minor sensation, ever appeared the appearance that one ticket requests hard, see what Yantai people makes fun of to Huang Mei love. According to introducing, this Han Zaifen comes to Yantai to exhibit perform brought group performer amount to 70 much people, the battle array is very formidable, yantai citizen one feast one's eyes on.
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