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City delegate inspects southwest international bishop Chu Xiong
On September 10 morning, city investment business represents bishop of Chinese southwest international Threadgold Danald Jermy, australian Yue Feng invests bank limited company to carry out president Lang Yalun, place of business of wine of violet brook of Yunnan day rainbow limited company general manager always Shan Dazhe is in city appoint Gong Wei of vice secretary, bey poplar, left flourish of state government deputy sheriff is expensive, state government secretary-general barks the accompanying of sectional chief falls related Zhan Yi and city, city, area of area of center of city project headquarters, garden of science and education reachs the bishop of Chinese southwest international that thorough Hunan male city plans to be in partial wine place of business undertook making an on-the-spot investigation on the spot.

On the informal discussion that holds 10 days afternoon, both sides strengthens cooperation, the respect such as city project development spread out bishop of southwest international of collective stimulative China to communicate deep. Yang Gong defends delegate state appoint, group of delegate of business of city project investment goes to bishop of southwest international of China of state government welcome Chu Xiong city makes an on-the-spot investigation. He says, hunan male city and the negotiation that Australian Yue Feng invests bank limited company to pass more than two years, more than 20 rounds formal negotiation, reached unanimous opinion eventually. Current, bishop of southwest international of China of construction of development of double Founder coact city project. This project wants successful propulsion to carry out, besides fecund land, laborious people, beyond the element such as abundant light, hot, water, still need more investment business your kind effort to give intellective, technology and capital support. Bishop of southwest international of good to do China city project, the working team that Chu Xiong city established to be comprised by much department of city of city, county, perform the obligation that the contract sets and duty seriously, advancing the progress with project great health. Of the project advance be in again fulfil, in hoping to work in next paces, both sides agrees according to the contract, strengthen communication cooperation, the joint efforts has been caught fulfil, turn to working centre of gravity from blueprint as soon as possible carry out, make China thes southern part of the country city project acquires border wine on the west the progress of materiality. In the meantime, during also hoping to invest trade delegate to make an on-the-spot investigation in Chu Xiong city, can go more, look more, understand hero of Hunan of Chu Xiong, understanding more, hold bishop of good China southwest international the good opportunity that city project expands, the happiness that achieves mutual benefit win-win in all hand in hand tomorrow.

Investment business delegate is male to Hunan the city is advancing bishop of Chinese southwest international the work that does in city project expresses satisfaction, the problem of a few detail in advancing a process with respect to the project and Hunan male city exchanged a view, reached consensus.
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