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Domestication of Guangxi grape expert is feral wool grapy 12 years

The wool grape after “ domestication ” , fructification again and again. Deng Liguo is photographed

The Guangxi special local product that wont grows in Shan Ye is feral wool grape all the time “ is haggard and dye-in-the-wood ” , not be to blossom only not result, it is fruit sparse, harvest pole is not stable. To become its domestication ” of Home “ establish, classics of all previous of Guangxi grape expert twist of 12 years. On August 20, in the ” of Home “ establish that cultivates element of process infuse high-tech feral wool grape, of the expert series that passed organization of office of municipal science and technology eventually measure produce appraisal, mu produce a breakthrough 1 ton, harvest is satisfactory.

   A thousand li carries one “ sea to select ” plant

Wool grapy fructification contains a lot ofa variety of nutrition element and fight anile and active material, go up century since 80 time, guangxi collect city, install, always the bishop factory of blessing uses wool grape at brew. Wool bishop has Shan Ye local color, fruit is sweet full-bodied and full-bodied, after putting in the market, get of consumer love. But because natural resources of feral wool grape is extremely limited, fructification cannot satisfy the market to produce the need of treatment, and have appearance of apparent result of old a lunar year in which the last month has 29 days, crop is not stable, premature drop is severe, individual plant is jumbly, character difference is bigger. To turn round haggard ” of wool grapy “ , the researcher tried to sow traditionally, method of cuttage, engraft, but survival rate is low, the effect not beautiful.

Then, guangxi vegetable group earths up a seedling limited company and collaboration of bureau of fruit of Guangxi collect city, began group of feral wool grape to earth up vaccine high production efficient help advance somebody's career technical research and demonstrative project research. 1996, experts are in Luo Cheng, installed area of big Shi Shan to inspect only individual plant of grape of thousands of feral wool, actor is chosen actor, decided individual plant of a few actor finally.

   From change 10 thousand alone Miaoye Cheng Lin

Wool grape actors or actress individual plant has eye of on 10 thousand burgeon, after the researcher disinfects them processing, send in education room to undertake asepsis breeds, unexpectedly only an eye is gemmiparous, of the others be completely annihilated. In the researcher eager attention falls, this alone Miao Yibo 3 fold the ground to assume the hard mission —— that removed “ to pass a ” that receive era to be in at first rooted in breeding with afterwards bag, appear “ vitrification ” , leaf is thin like glass and transparent, the light is met by force death; Transplant subsequently “ etiolation ” appears again when nutrient cup, leaf and bine become yellow ……5 after year, alone the offspring that the seedling had health eventually.
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