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Yangzhou " two " during general of sales volume of red wine price goes up two in
Draw near mid-autumn, reporter yesterday divides red wine from ministry of Yangzhou urban district monopolistic company understands, from August the first ten days of a month arrives at the beginning of September, all fronts of price of brand red wine such as Yangzhou mayor city, Zhang Yu rises, go up in 20% the left and right sides. The Mid-autumn Festival, National Day should arrive, sales volume of Yangzhou city red wine also general goes up 20% .   

The Liu Zong of company of sell on commission of some wine line of business tells road of Yang Zijiang north the reporter, yangzhou city Zhang Yu, the price of brand red wine such as the Great Wall rises somewhat, red wine of Great Wall card 30 yuan of the following low end masses product did not rise in price, but in the price of high-grade brand rises many between 15%—20% , the solution that is like manorial series 100 accept, market price case already went up to by 39 yuan 48 yuan, advanced Xia Duoli also went up by 88 yuan 98 yuan.  

Liu Zong expresses, although rose in price, but the sales volume of the company has instead add without decrease, her individual considers as specific reason, mid-autumn give sb a present, yangzhou has “ not to become the version of ceremony ” without wine, send male elder member of family to do not have wine ceremony especially really cannot be justified or explained away, but give sb a present sends health to already was become stage by stage now of give sb a present thematic, and long-term and drinkable red wine is helpful for health of body and mind, so red wine nature became one of first selection of many citizen give sb a present.

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