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Development of estate of black sea grape obtains remarkable result
In today's Wu Hai, sample the grape of sweet taste, drinking the beautiful wine of brew of black sea grape with close friends, regard gift as to present relatives and friends black sea grape, these are too regular jobs, however, when you deep when one pace dug, you can feel, the development of course of study of black sea grape gains today's success, was full of struggling hardships.

Time of strong, sunshine grows sunshine radiate, difference in temperature of day and night is big, irrigate convenience …… a variety of condition collect at a suit, the grape that Wu Hai is ideal cultivates the land, but from. Till far ancient time goes up century 40 time end, wu Haiyi does not have a predestined relationship with the grape continuously. 1950, what the grape of the first individual plant that a farmer transplanting that surnames a horse survives becomes our city grape to grow line of business is inchoative. Go up century at the beginning of 60 time, a batch of aspire devote the kid of career of aricultural of big desert desert comes to sea suddenly bay, stepped a dune, a gully, put the “ complexion ” that feeling this natural environment, they are sowed in the sea that it is black asperse green while, get on look focusing in the grape, appear in court grape change courtyard large area cultivates the strong desire that makes aricultural worker and masses of whole town cadre.

1976, the our city is in at the beginning of holding water, municipal Party committee, municipal government gives out large area to cultivate grapy appeal to whole town people, spit from Xinjiang rash time purchase high grade nursery stock, in Bureau of Mines of former Wu Da horticultural field built 60 mus not to have nuclear white grapery, began Wu Hairen to build the “ on a place of strategic importance to spit from this rash time the practice procedure of ” . 1985, the our city is made " grow line of business about growing a grape quickly, build grape bases for the production of commodities the decision of a certain number of problems " , established headquarters of grape bases for the production of commodities at the same time, tackle key problem through concerning the join forces of professional technology personnel, the grape of the standardization that summary gave area of area of appropriate black sea and wilderness of other northwest drought young tree fast technology of unripe high yield, span when realized black sea grape to grow a technology. To 1990, city building is fed with delicacy and machine completely hold <> concurrently but longan grape base makes an appointment with 5000 mus, without the nucleus white, rose sweet, mare's milk, yuan wait for grape base in vain more than mus 8000 (amount to of grape of its atrium courtyard 1500 mus) .            

After countrywide fruit produced working conference 1996, industry of our city grape enters the gold period of development, begin to introduce new breed of actor of domestic and international name in succession, 2000 city 3 7 complete appoint can include 15 ” of national economy “ formally to plan grape property. The grape industry of the our city gets the municipality affirms, black sea grape cultivates course of study to enjoy as characteristic give aid to policy. Municipal government came on stage to accelerate a grape to cultivate the favourable policy that industry develops, begin to already cultivated grape door 5 years to amounting to mark continuously from 2002 every mus of allowance 200 yuan, change development to encourage dimensions, begin to be connected to concentration from 2005 piece cultivate 30 mus every mus increase 100 yuan of allowance; Some areas, town is increased give aid to strength, subsidy of 3 class government achieves 800 yuan. Encourage development to turn over seasonal grape to cultivate, build allowance of class of city of a mu of solar conservatory 2000 yuan, area, town each form a complete set 2000 yuan. Of favourable policy carry out, brought into play greatly broad the enthusiasm that farming area resident and enterprise cultivate, grow an area with annual the 3000 speed to 4000 mus increase by degrees. Relevant industry respect waits in carry of treatment, sale, lay aside, use farming industrialization capital gives animal husbandry to give aid to certainly. The development structure that grape industry formed ” of farmer of + of enterprise of ” of base of “ bibcock + , “ . Current, our city grape grows an area more than mus 20 thousand, produce per year a grape 8 million kilograms, annual produce more than yuan 2000. Base of production of our city grape becomes a municipality to help advance somebody's career the grape with bigger, better benefit produces the area one of base.
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